Common Water Related Issues in Basement and Their Solutions

Basement repair

Excess moisture in your basement causes a lot of problems. The reason for this high moisture level could be anything from rainwater to leaky plumbing. 

You can prevent how much water comes up through your basement floor by controlling how much moisture saturates your soil. The only way to stop water from coming up through the basement floor is by installing a drain tile system to collect rising moisture. Read more about – How To Stop Water From Coming Up Through The Basement Floor?

Water damage in the basement

The question is, how water damages your basement Here are some common issues.

Mold and mildew growth

The mold and mildew starts growing fast in a moist area. The damp area becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms and pests. If you don’t eradicate this problem on time, spores from these areas will circulate in your living space. 

The air quality of your home becomes toxic. Everyone who breathes in this issue then experiences skin irritation and breathing difficulty. 

Another issue is pest infestation. Rodents and rats will grow like wildfire in a damp area. You will hire a pest control team to deal with this issue. If you can’t handle it on time then pest infestation damages the overall home environment.

Uneven floor 

Sinking concrete is often caused by excessive weight, expansion, and contraction due to changes in the weather and erosion of supporting soil due to the movement of water below the surface. When concrete sinks, you are left with dangerous trip hazards and water pooling issues that could accelerate soil settlement. For concrete leveling contact a professional foundation repair company asap.

When rainwater does not discharge properly, then it starts accumulating around the home foundation. This water is absorbed inside the floor and saturates underneath the soil, expanding and exerting hydrostatic pressure on the floor. It results in an uneven floor. You need to hire a foundation repair expert. They will offer concrete lifting services. 

Damaged ceiling 

If you leak plumbing pipes, it’s vital to hire a plumber on time. When you don’t, then this excess moisture causes wood to rot. It will damage the ceiling joists. Homeowners need to hire experts on time, and else this problem gives rise to other issues. Your basement ceiling might warp or fall. Ceiling replacement requires more investment than repair. So, it’s suggested to do on-time repairs to prevent excessive water damage.

 Bulging walls

When your water finds an entry into the wall cavities system, then it corrodes them. Sometimes, these walls move away from the floor due to climate change. Whether the wall moves due to water damage or weather change, it is an alarming situation. These basement walls are part of overall home structures. If these walls are bulging and moving, then they will shift the overall home foundation. What if these bowing walls fall? Well, in that case, they will collapse the whole home. A homeowner seeks help from foundation repair contractors who reinforce the support of your home foundation with piers, anchors, and hydraulic jacks.

Cracked wall

Cracks on your wall aren’t a disturbing sign always unless the width of the crack is more comprehensive than one inch. Structural wall repair company crack stitching services. Most of the time, they use epoxy resins with other durable materials to fill these cracks. If you need a long-lasting solution, certainly polyurethane injections are great to fix. 

Sometimes water damage in your home is minor, and Greenville local contractors for Basement repair bring quick fixes.  Contrary to this, some signs of damage shouldn’t be overlooked as they are extreme and need immediate professional help. When you are uncertain, call a structural wall repair company. Experts will inspect your place thoroughly and suggest solutions that seem suitable for water-related issues in your home.


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