Ways to Be More Organized in College – 20 Organizational Aspects

20 Organizational Aspects

Everyone wants to be organized. We’re sure you want it too. Often, if not every day, you evaluate your life, the chaos that reigns in it, and say to yourself: “You definitely need to do something about this!” But in most cases, you are not able to organize yourself enough to change something. Remember this day. Today you will change your life, because we have prepared 20 ideas, putting them into practice, you will improve yourself and become more organized.

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Organized are not born but forged – tips for staying organized in college

What gives the ability to organize your life? First of all, you will save time. And it is known to be worth its weight in gold. Your activity will not only bear more fruits, but it will also become of better quality. Being organized will make you a successful person who fully manages your life and is practically independent of external factors. You will become the one about whom they usually say: “And how does he manage everything? He’s probably a magician! ” The good news is that people are not born organized, they become organized. Therefore, if you are mired in failure and are constantly under stress because you are not doing anything, just exhale and read our article further. Undoubtedly, there are people who manage to organize their lives without much diligence, but what about those who are not so lucky? We have compiled a list of the most powerful and useful ideas to help you get what you want.

Focus on the result

When the final result is clear, an incentive will appear. You yourself will want to organize everything in your life for the sake of your goal. This is especially evident when you go to your dream and clearly understand that in the end you will benefit. Therefore, at the beginning of the path to organization, it is worthwhile to cheat a little and set yourself tasks that will bring you positive emotions.

Become an incurable optimist

Try to see at least something positive in everything, even in failures. Take an approach to your life where everything seems possible. This is great motivation. In addition, optimists are always in a good mood, which helps in all matters.

Be conscientious

Having a conscientious attitude to all your tasks, you will not allow yourself to go beyond deadlines, let peers down or not achieve your goal. Understanding the full responsibility, you prefer planning to spontaneity.

Do not taper yourself to rules

It is generally accepted that organized people are distinguished by super cleanliness. However, this is more a myth than reality. Live the way it suits you. In the event that you cannot imagine life without order and your organization depends on it, keep everything around you in order. But, if you are a creative person and feel constrained in the conditions of complete purity, then relax. Nothing bad will happen if things are out of place. But in a comfortable environment, you can do much more.

Learn to make decisions for yourself

You will become more organized if you do not depend on other people’s opinions. Determine the degree of importance of your affairs on your own, calculate the options and choose one of the most suitable ones. So you will not be distracted by changes or external factors and will take up solving the tasks.

Do not strive for ideal

It often happens that a perfect result is not required. You just need to do your job well. But people striving for perfectionism focus on details and subtle nuances. As a result, this only leads to a loss of time, and sometimes to bad results. Organizational Secret: Do your tasks well and don’t waste your energy on things that aren’t worth it.

Good and successful businessmen say that many aspiring entrepreneurs cannot start their own business for a long time, because they are afraid of being punctured by some little thing, so they polish their product to a shine even before launching. However, this does not bear any fruit and only delays the moment of launch and real problems and tasks for improving the product as a whole. Make it to “3”, and then, if necessary, bring the business/assignment/product to “4” – the maximum! There is no limit to perfection.

Keep a diary

Write down everything that comes to mind. This is one of the main features of organized people. They don’t waste energy memorizing all their activities. They write them down in a notebook, calendar, diary, mobile application. They make lists, manage and organize information. It makes life easier. Try it even if you’re not going to get organized.

Always keep your to-do list handy

It is not enough just to streamline your assignments. They need to be done. Therefore, the list should always be with you. Today there are many special mobile applications that will save you from notebooks and pieces of paper. For example, Wunderlist is a great service for making a list of tasks, highlighting the most important ones, setting deadlines, and marking completed ones. Remember The Milk application is no less worthy and well-known. It is very simple and straightforward. It has many settings that can be selected individually and, as a result, get irreplaceable assistance.

Do not put things off until the next day

A wise proverb has a deep meaning. By adhering to this one principle, you will not only become more organized, but you will also do much more. Don’t be lazy. It is much easier to do an assignment and forget about it than to drag it along for a long time. Trust me, many of the tasks on your list will take less than five minutes.

Always be ready

Do not complete college papers long before their due date. Leave just a little time just in case. Suddenly, at the last crucial moment, some changes appear or something does not go as planned.

Feel free to ask for help

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and, starting from them, learn to delegate responsibility for the performance of certain responsibilities. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Avoid overload and unnecessary stress. Ask for help when you need it. Your time is too precious to be wasted on unnecessary efforts. Perfectionists may not be willing to share their success with someone else. But is it really that important? That’s up to you.

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Do not spread yourself too thin

Many people think that organized people get a lot done because they can multitask. This opinion is wrong. Messing around several essays at the same time threatens to perform poorly and often takes more time. Do as few things as possible at the same time. If you have a challenging essay to do, remove any distractions and focus on it. It doesn’t matter at all whether you are finishing your annual report, meeting with peers, or relaxing with your family.

Learn to manage your energy

Knowing when and in what conditions you are most productive will be very helpful. You may be better at doing things in the morning or listening to calm music. Try to identify such patterns and then use them to study more effectively. One good example of managing your energy and time is Ryan Chartrand’s advice on the ideal remote developer routine. In the article, he talks about the technique of constant movement and work in the mode of short “impulses”.

Learn to relax

Many people work and live under constant stress. Determine for yourself the most effective ways to relieve stress. Feel free to let go of your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be as passive as possible, playing sports or spending time with your family. The important thing is that you need to know how to cope with stress and fatigue without compromising your health and productivity.

Have 5 minutes left

But not more. Many go for a trick and set their watches so that they go ahead. It doesn’t matter how you do it. The main thing is to always have a little time. Come to classes in advance, finish your research earlier and then you will have time for a little rest. However, do not get carried away too much, if you have more time left, it is fraught with waste, which will lead to the opposite effect.

Get rid of fear

It often takes several times more time to complete papers. Why is this happening? It’s simple. When you are not ready to start a paper, you are afraid to start it, then you resort to delaying it. This is a big waste of time. Fight yourself. Get down to business as soon as it appears. Having overcome fear, you will not only get a significant amount of time, but you will also be proud of your own achievements. And this is quite a big motivation. One way to combat this fear is the 1 minute rule. It says that if you do not feel like or you are afraid to start a task, put your doubts and fears aside for 1 minute and do it. When the time is up, you will realize that in fact there was nothing terrible, most likely it was just laziness, and that it would be time to finish it!

Break down big tasks

Large and complex tasks are psychologically difficult enough to accept and immediately begin to perform them. Having received such a task, first study it well, and try to break it down into several smaller ones. So you will cross the psychological barrier and speed up the work process.

Encourage yourself

It often happens that the task does not attract you at all. It’s boring and unpleasant. It can of course be delegated. But what to do when there is no such possibility? One thing remains – to encourage yourself. Promise that when you’re done, you’ll do something nice for yourself. Exercise in the morning, but promise yourself to buy a new outfit in a month. Work hard throughout the day, but watch your favorite movie when you get home. Concentrate not on completing the task, but on the future result.


Imagine what your life could be like if you got a little more organized. Pay attention to all the nuances and little things that you would like to fix. How would you spend your saved time? We are sure that you will like the new picture of life very much. Doesn’t that inspire change?

Give up the time eaters

Social networks, computer games, entertainment resources, long telephone conversations, etc., take a lot of time, but they are not very useful. Discard them. Does not work? Install special applications that will block all your favorite entertainment. For example, Rescue Time.

Disorganized people almost never succeed. They spend a lot of time doing things that are not useful. They are constantly late, often forget about important tasks. They live in constant chaos. Of course, you will not be organized overnight. This is hard and long work. But it will bring success, orders and the opportunity to devote time to yourself in your life.








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