What are the Main Causes of Basement Moisture?

Causes of Basement Moisture

A wet basement is always a big challenge for homeowners. At first, when you notice dampness in this area or small puddles, you ignore it as it doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, soon this problem transforms into a big problem and requires you to seek help from a crawl space repair company in Sioux Falls.

Wall or floor repairs are costly and time-consuming. Water in your basement is a warning sign as it leads to serious problems like toxic mold and structural damage. One must understand the main cause of Basement moisture to prevent costly structural wall repair services.

Wet Basement Causes

Homeowners often wonder why they have so much moisture in the basement. The construction and nature of the basement make it vulnerable to wetness. Water always finds some sort of entry point in the basement. Here are some primary causes you experience basement moisture.

Poor Drainage System

When you don’t have a proper drainage system, then rainwater and gutter waterfalls into your basement. As water doesn’t direct away from your home, it starts accumulating around your foundation. High water pressure in your foundation is the main reason for its damage. 

Clogged Gutters

When you don’t maintain the gutter properly, water starts draining around your home foundation. Sometimes, this problem is due to clogged gutters. You need to clean these gutters and do proper maintenance if you don’t want to opt for a crawl repair service  Sioux Falls.

Improper Slope

The uneven ground around your foundation is also the leading cause of structural damage. The ground should slope away, not move toward the foundation. This wrong slope causes water to collect around the foundation. As water doesn’t run away from the foundation, sooner it floods your basement and causes dampness or other significant water damage.

Hydrostatic Pressure

You start noticing cracks in your home’s basement walls or floors. These are some signs that tell you that something is not right in your home. It could be a clogged gutter, the improper slope for drainage that causes water to accumulate around your foundation. High hydrostatic pressure on your walls increases the force on walls and floor, therefore cracks start appearing.

Cracks in Your Walls

If your home has poor construction, cracks appear on the floor, walls, and other areas. These cracks are perfect entry points for water. Moisture starts building in your home, and it’s how these cracks turn into gaps.


No matter how well a basement is designed, it is a well-known damp place in your home. Condensation in this space gives rise to mold and mildew. As the homeowner doesn’t pay much attention to decay, it starts eating the structural beams, and you need to seek structural repair services in Sioux Falls.

As soon as you notice cracks, clogged gutters, or drainage issues in your home, do something. You should pay attention to them as they increase water in the basement. It often leads to significant issues and requires you to contact Sioux Falls foundation repair services.


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