What is a car loan EMI calculator and how does it work

A car loan is considered a credit instrument provided by lenders and banks. A car loan helps you to buy a car with minimal initial payments. The borrower can easily repay the loan amount in EMI at a certain interest rate.

For this, it is important to calculate the car loan EMI before taking a loan. Car Loan EMI calculators are available for this purpose. This tool helps to determine EMI and interest applicable to car loans. In this way, the car loan EMI calculator helps you to make an informed decision while taking a car loan.

How does a car loan EMI calculator work?

A car loan EMI calculator eliminates the need to do manual calculations. You only need to input some numbers to calculate the EMI and applicable interest rates while using the car loan EMI calculator.

You need to enter certain information on the car loan EMI calculator to calculate the EMI and interest rate.

Car loan amount: It is the amount of car loan that you want to borrow from a financial institution or lender. This amount is based on the market price of your car.

Car loan tenure: It is the repayment period which you agree with the lender to repay the borrowed amount of the car loan.

Interest rate: It is the rate of interest applicable on a car loan that a financial institution or your lender charges.

Based on all the above inputs, the car loan interest rate calculator will calculate the EMI, total repayment amount and payable interest. Changing the inputs on the car loan EMI calculator is easy, and you get the results instantly in real-time.

Easy way to use the EMI calculator car loan:

A car loan EMI calculator tool has a simple interface, which is easy to use. Here is the step-by-step process to use the car loan EMI calculator.

  1. Open the car loan EMI calculator online. Choosing the best car loan EMI calculator to calculate the EMI is suggested.
  2. Enter the amount of loan that you want to borrow to buy the new car.
  3. Selected the expected interest rate and amortisation period for a car loan.
  4. The car loan EMI calculator will show you the payable interest, EMI and total payable amount instantly.
  5. It is also easy to compare the car loan offers from different banks by changing the repayment time and interest rates on the car loan EMI calculator.  


This article gives information on car loan EMI calculators, in which we tell how these tools work and how to use this EMI calculator. A car loan EMI calculator is an online tool that is easy to use and gives you accurate results on EMI and car loan interest rates.

It has been determined that different banks provide different interest rates on car loans. So, it is suggested to compare the lenders first and determine the interest rates they offer  on car loans before making any decision.


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