What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Accident

Did you know that in 2019, 84,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries whilst out on the road? Unfortunately in the same year, there were also over 5,000 registered fatalities as a result of motorcycle accidents.

It doesn’t matter how safely you think you drive, you should always know what to do in the event of a crash.

After a motorcycle accident, you may need extensive treatment depending on the severity of your injuries. This can result in high medical bills and time off work.

But if you’re unprepared for what to do after an accident, then you may lose out on compensation even if you weren’t at fault. So, this could greatly impact you financially, causing further problems.

Thankfully, the steps you should take after a crash are rather straightforward and easy to follow.

In this article, we’ll share several things you need to do if you’re ever involved in this situation. We’ll also advise you on why to follow this procedure and how to get further help.

Read on for more information.

Get to Safety as Soon as Possible

After a motorcycle accident, it’s still possible to get hurt in the aftermath. This is usually a result of vehicles approaching who may not be aware of what has just happened.

Because of this, you need to get to a safe area as soon as possible.

This should be off the road and as far away from danger as you can. Remember to keep watching traffic at all times in case you need to react quickly.

Once you have got to a safe place, then look for others who were also involved in the crash. If you can, help them to safety too.

Just be careful not to put yourself back into immediate danger.

It’s Important to Assess Your Injuries

Directly after an accident, you’ll likely be suffering from shock and an adrenaline rush. When this happens then it’s common not to feel pain.

So, you may have injuries that you are unaware of.

Once you have got to safety, then start to assess your body for injuries, including cuts and broken bones. If you discover cuts on your body then apply pressure over them to stop the bleeding.

If you are suffering from broken bones, then sit down and try not to move.

Also, be careful not to remove your helmet especially if you feel pain in your neck or head. By removing your helmet, you may injure yourself further and cause irreparable damage.

Ultimately, you want a paramedic or physician to help you remove this once they have assessed you.

Call the Emergency Services

In the event of any motorcycle accident, it’s important to call the Urgent Care on Fort Street. You should always request the police and an ambulance even if you believe you’re not injured or it’s necessary.

If you are severely hurt then paramedics will be able to give you the urgent care you need. They’ll then be able to get you to a hospital as soon as possible.

You’ll also need to be aware if anyone else involved requires urgent help. If so, give this information to the 911 responder. By doing this, they’ll be able to send more help as needed.

In terms of the police, they’ll be able to make the environment safer by closing lanes or even the entire road. They’ll also help re-route traffic and will organize the clean-up of debris.

Ensure all Injuries are Recorded

It’s important that any injuries or symptoms you suffer are recorded properly. Tell the EMTs, emergency room staff, doctors, and police.

You can even inform the firefighters if they attend the scene.

It’s very important you do this so you have written medical records that you can rely on later. You’ll need these for any compensation claims.

Gather Evidence

Other than medical records, you’ll need other types of evidence to help with claims.

After the crash you should:

  • Take photos of the vehicles and scene
  • Collect the other parties personal information and vehicle details
  • Interview witnesses and take contact information
  • Try to obtain dashcam/CCTV footage

This type of evidence can be vital and often is the difference between winning and losing claims.

But, if you have been severely injured then try to gather some of this information at a later date. Remember to also ask for a copy of the police report.

Finally, it’s important that you never admit fault to the motorcycle accident. If you do this, any claim you make could easily be lost.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Once you are able to, you should look to hire a lawyer.

The best motorcycle accident lawyer can help give you legal advice and assistant. They’ll be able to help with insurance claims and seeking compensation.

If you are successful in receiving compensation, then it could help with things like:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of earnings

Any type of crash can have a huge impact on your daily life so, it’s important to have expert help on your side.

Finally, if you have been injured in an accident and need legal help, then we advise you to visit this law group. They are specialized in motorcycle accidents and can give you all the assistance you need.

What to Do After Being Involved in a Motorcycle Crash

As you can see, there are several things you should do after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

By following these steps, you’ll keep yourself safe and be able to get the care you need. Plus, by hiring a lawyer, you can seek compensation for the injuries and trauma you may suffer.

Finally, if you are suffering from injuries, then check out our blog for useful health tips.



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