Where to Save and Where to Splurge on Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be very costly and can easily run away from their homeowners if they don’t keep a tight lid on their budget. You want the best results for the smallest amount, and while there are absolutely some areas that you can cut corners until you’re practically operating with a circle, there are other areas of your renovation you just have to splurge on. This guide can help you understand where to save and where to splurge:

Refresh or Renovation

A refresh means you are keeping the same layout of your kitchen but updating the design. A full renovation means you are changing the entire space so it will be unrecognizable. Perhaps you are knocking down a wall or even extending into your backyard. Regardless of what project you are taking on, you can still save in key areas by reusing materials or looking for second-hand items, and similarly, you will want to splurge on things like your counters and your appliances.

Where to Save

You’ll want to save on:

Updating the Cupboards

The only time you need new cupboards is when the old ones are rotting, or alternatively, you are investing in an entirely new shape in the kitchen and will need new cupboards to accommodate this. Otherwise, a great way to save is to repaint the cupboards instead and to even update the look further with new handles or knobs.

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture can be very expensive, even if you are just looking for bar stools. A great way to save is to look second-hand. Many of the dining sets and stools are primarily wood, which means it is easy to find second-hand options you can clean and even finish to your liking. Look online at marketplaces, or head on over to an estate sale to find some stunning goodies.

Where to Splurge

You’ll want to splurge on:


Countertops are a huge surface in the kitchen and, as such, play both an important visual part of the home and also an important functional part of the home. With so much riding on your countertop, you owe it to yourself to invest in a quality option that is beautiful and long-lasting. For best results, you will want a custom-cut countertop, and ideally in a material such as quartz. Quartz is incredibly strong and also non-porous, meaning it won’t stain or chip easily. A custom-cut quartz countertop from Legacy Countertops can make a huge visual and functional impact on your kitchen renovation.

Other options, such as repainting and sealing your counters, are short-term solutions with expiration dates. Going all out and investing in a quality option designed to last a lifetime means investing not just in your kitchen but also in its value.


Appliances make a huge difference in the quality of life in your kitchen. You don’t need every quality appliance known to mankind, but you do need the essentials to work and work very well. You want a high-quality fridge and freezer, a high-quality oven and stove, and also a high-quality dishwasher if you are opting for one. These should ideally be fitted to your kitchen design, so choosing the appliances first is a great way to get started.



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