Why Co-working could be the future of work?

coworking space

Coworking space is a professional shared office environment, which is used concurrently by different businesses and individual staff. Co-working spaces serve the same function, they give you a sense of the creative medium. Shared office space in Jaipur is a place where you collaborate with your colleagues, it is a platform which allows you to expand your attributes of work and business. Coworking space is the ideal alternative to working at your own office or from home. This type of workplace offers many benefits and an environment full of hardworking and dedicated professionals across all branches of industry. It can be intimidating but so motivating to determine to work alongside strangers.

Few reasons to justify why Coworking is the future of working.


Leasing or purchasing your own space can be expensive when faced with reality. In the major business hubs particularly. Shared office space in Jaipur gives you every need according to your requirement and the cost reduces drastically. Space is proving to be of great value to new entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote operators.

Work-life balance

Since employees give greater importance to work-life balance nowadays, flexible work schedules, part-time jobs, and freelancing are on the rise. Indeed India has the world’s second-highest number of freelancers. In such a situation, Shared office space in Jaipur only promotes the tradition of “work-from-home” with improved facilities and a friendly atmosphere that might not always be accessible at home.

Dynamic environment  

The only thing that has been demanding from employees forever. Coworking spaces let people treat neighborhoods as their immediate campuses. With the growth of the gig economy and the decline in retail stores, empty spaces turn into profit engines for landlords. Conventional models of real estate can not contribute likewise to this model. Opportunities drift away because of the disruption that comes with construction-related work. In contrast, flexible office spaces can work with much less disruption

Opportunity to Network

There’s one big advantage of modern co-working spaces. It gives people a window of opportunity to network. This is a very important breakthrough as aspirants will work in a space that has different industry professionals present. Engaging with such individuals will help a person increase the reach and promotion of their respective business and meanwhile, an individual can take advantage of any professional services the other experts require

All the Amenities

Different amenities are provided at competitive rates, depending on the chosen package. The amenities range to complete Wi-Fi access right from humble desk space to a complete cabinet, conference, and projector room. It’s all made available in a co-working room.

Last words

Coworking spaces will evolve and become mainstream in three to five years and this demand will be driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, corporate market penetration, and contingent workforce. The phenomenon of coworking is worth studying, testing, and investigating – as it could build a community that will shift the concept of how people function and help them balance demand and supply.

Coming to the productivity gained, coworking spaces give stronger business aesthetics as to maneuver career as it progresses. Qbicle understands how important working life is to move forward in one’s career and thus provide one of a kind of shared office space in Jaipur.

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