Why to Sell on GCP Marketplace?

GCP Marketplace

Google Cloud Platform has emerged as one of the top contenders for renowned public cloud service providers AWS and Azure. It was capable of generating almost $13 billion USD in terms of revenue. Interestingly, the revenue earned by GCP accounted for almost 7% of the total revenue of Google. Almost 23% of organizations all over the world deploy major workloads on Google Cloud in 2020.

With the cloud slowly dominating enterprise operations worldwide, it is inevitable to consider the prospects with Google Cloud Marketplace. The first question that comes to mind is- What is the Google Cloud Marketplace? Let us find out the answer to this question and the reasons for selling on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Definition of Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace is an exclusive platform tailored by Google Cloud for addressing all the IT needs of enterprises. It can enable easier scalability of procurement for your enterprise through online discovery, purchase, and fulfillment for enterprise-grade cloud solutions. Google Cloud Marketplace enables users for faster deployment of functional software packages running on Google Cloud.

Users could get started easily on Google Cloud Marketplace without any prior knowledge of services such as cloud storage or compute engine. Google Cloud Marketplace helps users in starting up common software packages without manual configuration of the software, network settings, VM instances, or storage.

Reasons to Sell on Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace gives a lot of flexibility for enterprises to access innovative solutions for their business development. In addition, there are many other reasons for which you should sell on GCP marketplace. Let us find out the important reasons for which you should opt for selling your cloud-based enterprise-grade IT solutions on GCP marketplace.

  • Flexibility of Using Apps

GCP marketplace enables you to use data and run the applications irrespective of the server or environment. You don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in with GCP marketplace as Google Cloud focuses on delivering open-source, hybrid cloud with multi-cloud operations. Enterprises have the capabilities for modernizing hybrid cloud platforms by leveraging consistency offered by GCP marketplace.

  • Exposure

One of the dominant benefits of selling on GCP marketplace refers to improved exposure. GCP marketplace gives the ideal foundation for driving better awareness and consumption of your solution among enterprise customers. Interestingly, sellers don’t have to invest too much in taking their solutions to enterprises. Furthermore, customers receive AI-powered recommendations for solutions alongside the popular services under development on GCP Marketplace.

  • Build to Requirement

Google Cloud Marketplace gives another promising reason to choose the platform for selling your solution. You could easily carry out optimization tasks for your solution before deployment in the desired environment of your customer. Sellers could leverage the management portal of GCP Marketplace for creating a listing page, pushing updates, monitoring usage, and providing support.

Among all the benefits of selling on GCP Marketplace, sellers should also note the significance of an association with Google. When you are on board with a trusted cloud leader, you could obviously improve the credibility of your solutions. Learn more about GCP Marketplace and get started right now!

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