Why You’re not getting likes on LinkedIn

Not getting enough likes on LinkedIn?

You’re not alone.

LinkedIn has become a pretty competitive space these days.

The organic reach is also almost read.

So currently, if you want to get likes on your LinkedIn posts, you would have to apply bulletproof strategies that work.

But before that, you have to find out why your posts are not getting likes.

In this extensive guide, we’ll show you some of the reasons why you’re not getting likes on your LinkedIn posts which you truly deserve.

Just practical advice – no fluff.

1. You Have a Too Small Network

If your network is too small on LinkedIn, most of the time you’ll get little to no likes and engagement on your LinkedIn posts.

If you just have 100 people on your network and you expect to get 1000 likes on your LinkedIn post, this is just never going to happen.

It’s the basic and most fundamental thing of getting engagement on LinkedIn that you would have to fix.

If you have a brand new account, try connecting with new people every week who you think would be interested in your content.

And you would have to keep sending connection requests until you max out your connection request quota for the week.

Also, don’t forget to leave a personalized note whenever you’re sending a connection request to increase your chances of getting accepted by the other person.

In short:

The more connections you have, the greater the chances of your posts making waves across the vast LinkedIn landscape.

Think of it as hosting a grand party – the more, the merrier!

2. You’re Not Engaging With Others

You can’t win on LinkedIn or any other platform by staying in isolation if you’re not already a celebrity.

If you’re already a celebrity and have a huge following on other social media platforms, you won’t have to put too much effort into making people notice you.

But when no one knows you expect your relatives and friends, things get a lot harder.

However, luckily with some hard work, you can get people to notice you.


By engaging with other’s posts.

Find out the influencers and accounts who post quite frequently within your niche or even somewhat related niches.

Make a list of those people and connect with them.

And then whenever they post something on their profile, try to leave a meaningful comment that stands out from the crowd.

However, remember, building relationships takes time. You won’t see quick results when you’re trying to build relationships with others.

It’s akin to mingling at a social gathering – being a part of the conversation enhances your visibility and fosters a sense of community.

3. You’re Not Consistent With Your Posting Schedule

Your consistency matters a lot when you’re trying to get engagement and likes on LinkedIn.

Consistency is the glue that holds your LinkedIn strategy together.

Consider this – if your favorite TV show aired sporadically, you’d likely miss episodes, lose interest, or forget about it entirely.

The same principle applies to your posting schedule.

If you’re not consistent with your posting schedule, this will make your audience feel you’re not serious about your social media channel and they will eventually lose interest.

However, remember, It’s not necessary to post multiple times every single day.

It doesn’t matter whether you post daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. Just ensure that you post a consistent posting schedule.

4. Your Posts Are Boring

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the content itself.

No one wants to see boring posts on their social media feed.

Yes, on LinkedIn as well.

That’s why you’ll see, these days, a lot of funny and humor-related posts are getting attention on LinkedIn.

Even if it’s educational content, it has some humor in it.

So, if you’re also posting the same boring and outdated types of content, it’s time to inject some life into your content.
You can consider posting eye-catching visuals, asking thought-provoking questions, or sharing relatable anecdotes from your professional journey.

Imagine your posts as a friendly chat – make them engaging, entertaining, and something your audience looks forward to.

5. Your Posts Are Not Adding Any Value to Your Audience’s Life

In the ever-evolving world of LinkedIn, your audience craves content that adds value to their professional lives.

If your posts fall short in this department, they might be deemed irrelevant.

That’s why whenever you post something on LinkedIn as yourself, is this content really adding any sort of value to your audience’s life?

If yes, post it.

If not, try creating a value-added post.


So these are some of the possible reasons why you’re not getting likes and engagement on your LinkedIn posts.

If you’re making any of these mistakes on your LinkedIn profile, try fixing it as soon as possible.

And this should bring insane growth to your LinkedIn posts.

However, if you don’t want to put too much effort into these things, you can even buy LinkedIn likes from any reputed and trusted source to skyrocket your LinkedIn engagement almost overnight.


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