Workable Ways to Warm up your Home

If you live in an older house, or are just one of those people who struggle to stay warm, it can be frustrating during the winter months if your house just won’t heat up properly. No matter how long you have the heating on for, some houses just sit naturally cold.

While this might be a bit of a blessing in the summer months, you don’t have to put up with it for the rest of the year. Here are a few ways to warm your home in winter.

  1. Insulation

Getting insulation is by far one of the biggest changes you can make, to help keep your house warm in winter. Most new houses come with insulation already, especially in countries well-known for colder temperatures. If you have an older house though, it might not have the type of insulation you’re looking for.

Taking a look into what sort of insulation you can have installed, is a great place to start and you will truly notice the difference once it’s in place. 

  1. Improve your radiators 

For most houses, especially in places like the UK, the main form of heating in the home, is radiators. It’s easy to think that all radiators do the same job but they certainly aren’t all created equally!

If your radiator is old or faulty, it may not be emitting a good enough amount of heat. Taking a look at something like aluminium radiators at, may be all you need to find the type you’re looking for. 

  1. Find the draughts

Drafts don’t just come through open windows, you can have a draught in your home without even knowing it. This can be somewhat of a benefit when it’s too warm, but when it’s cold, it only makes things worse.

Finding the coldest rooms and areas in your house, and working from there to find all the draughts, can really make a difference when it comes to heating your home in future. Once you know where they are you can block them off and stop them stealing your heat. 

  1. Let the sun in 

Few people really take full advantage of the sun in winter time, when it comes to heating their homes. Some regard the winter sun as weak, but if you let sunlight flood into your home, it can really have somewhat of a greenhouse effect in some rooms. 

  1. Layer up 

Sometimes, when trying to heat-up certain houses, it’s just a losing battle. In these cases, it’s probably much easier to just layer up to try and get yourself nice and warm. Jumpers and blankets can really make a difference, especially when you’re just having a relaxing day at home. Plus, it’s so much cheaper than putting the heating on!

Heating your home can be a challenge, but there are certainly ways to make winters a little more comfortable. Applying any of these measures, can truly help you and your home, to feel warmer.

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