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Creativity is like a muscle. If we want to improve our creative writing, the only way to do this is to give our creative muscles a thorough training. Cheetahpapers helps you to get more strong in your creative writing skills.

Consider an athlete in training for a great event like the Olympic Games or World Championships. They don’t show up on the big day of their first race without having trained before. If they did, they simply would not accomplish their great feats and would not demonstrate their great potential.

In reality, the best athletes train vigorously for months and years prior to their big event. They keep fit and push themselves to new levels. 

An athlete competing even in his first major international event is likely to have been training in his discipline for a decade or more.

It is the same with creative writing. In the literary world, it is very important to get carried away by the imagination and be creative to tell a story in a different way that hooks from the first minute. From Donbuk we wanted to collect some tips to unleash our ideas and get more creative writing.

To perform to the fullest, to write the deepest, most true, the most rewarding work, it is necessary to exercise and exercise the muscles of creative writing.

This does not mean that you have to give up your life and write 12 hours a day. Although if that is what you want, then it is good to do so.

In fact, you can dramatically improve your creative writing with an investment of just 10 minutes a day.

To begin, let’s see what can be done in 2 weeks:

Day 1: Decide at what time of day you will write. Make it regular time, not just try to put 10 minutes where you can. You must also decide where you are going to write, this place should be free from distractions.

Day 2: Find or buy a book or notebook in which you can write. Although it can usually be written on a computer, it is advisable to do it by hand as it will help you contact the act of creating more strength. You will also need a clock or a stopwatch to let you know when the 10 minutes are up.

Day 3: The first day of writing. Set the 10-minute timer. Write the date at the top of the page, then just write what you can think of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new creative idea, a dream you had, a problem that has been going around in your head, or even your shopping list. Just write, until the alarm sounds.

Day 4: Repeat day 3.

Day 5: Repeat day 3.

Day 6: Repeat on day 3.

Day 7 –Repeat on day 3

Day 14: Reread what you have written during the last 2 weeks. Observe any pattern and development. Think about the adjustments you can make to improve, such as time, place or way of writing.

A small investment in each day helps you to reach the great heights. With this spirit after the first 2 weeks, you will begin to form a good writing habit. Now it’s your turn to continue to your liking.


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