12 Secrets about Photography that Experts are Hiding

12 Secrets about Photography that Experts are Hiding

What Photography does is that it captures unique and authentic moments in time. Read on to learn some secrets that photographers or experts hide from us.

Minimal Gear: 

Keep the camera bag light and stick to a favorite lens. Leave the tripod at home unless you are planning on staying in on spot. One should be as minimal with gadgets as possible so that it helps with easy movement and keeping a low profile. 

Ground-level Candids:

 The best part is one gets to sit down on the job. Look for a comfortable spot with three or four different angles which might be a great way to be unobtrusive and capture interesting expressions.

To blend In:

 Just like an actor getting under the skin of his character, a good photographer will blend into the environment he/she is subjected to. This helps in bringing out more natural images. 


The biggest lesson to learn is the importance of Patience in Photography. Slowing down and being patient is useful as one can try different compositions. As they say, slow and win the race. Hence, keeping a calm composure is very necessary.

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Accepting Mistakes: 

One must embrace there photographic faux and learn how to incorporate movements under problematic lighting in photography. Understand how to convert photos to black and white so that color issues can be corrected. One must also experiment with cropping and put negatives to advantage.


The best way to capture a picture is to get close to the subject. One must experiment with zoom lenses and take photographs of inanimate objects to get comfortable with the concept. Look for interesting angles and go ahead with it. Close-ups help you bring out minute details in a given frame.

Build Familiarity: 

One needs to get familiar with the environment and the place for that perfect shot. If the photographer knows the interesting places people hangout he can use his knowledge to the advantage. One must concentrate on the expression and behavior of people for great clicks.

Being approachable:

 One must have a clear idea about the purpose of photography so it’s easier to respond to queries. A personal code of conduct says that if a stranger is uncomfortable with pictures being clicked, the photographer deletes it. Don’t take sneaky photos without permission, keep calm and trust the instincts.

Be Quick and Smart: 

Sudden and fast clicks sometimes come out to be a masterpiece. Practice makes Perfect hence keep exploring the standard-setting until it becomes automatic for hands and brains. Over time one can create photographs with quality not everyone can produce. Master the Manual always.

1. Increase ISO(international standards organization):

 With advanced technology, one can increase the ISO without negotiating with the quality of the photograph. It captures better facial expression and keeps the shutter speed fast to ensure sharp photographs. However, ISO is a technological feature, hence higher ISO numbers can increase the grains in an image. Hence, do not be very generous with the ISO numbers.

2. Be the Tourist: 

One should approach people as a tourist which is a great way to seek permission and confidence to take photographs. It’s a functional technique to observe the environment and the locals with a fresh approach. Tourists are often treated in a friendly way by the locals, enabling them to blend into the atmosphere and click more naturally appealing photographs.

3. Tell the Story: 

One should have a clear narrative in the head. It assists when one puts a series of photographs together and plays an important role in storytelling, photojournalism and documentary photography. Pictures are a very strong medium of communication and can help one tell their stories in the most amazing ways. So unleash the storytelling power of this medium.

These were a few tips and tricks which might help one click better photographs. One can become famous on social media platforms for their amazing skills in photography. Not only social media, but photography is among the most widely followed passions across the globe. Photographers throughout the globe are earning recognition for their work and photography as an art form is being widely appreciated and recognized. So all you photographers out there, it is finally time to step out and make a mark. 

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