4 Effective Techniques to Market Your Real Estate Business In 2023

Real Estate Business

Real estate business is like a never-stopping train. This is a business that has been around for ages and will be around in the future as well. People are always looking to buy a property which means that real estate businesses are always in demand. But, as it is with anything, changes in environment and trends mean you need to adapt to what’s in fashion these days. We have shortlisted a few most relevant ways of marketing your real estate business in 2022.

The internet has changed the nature of business, and people’s lives in the past few years. This change became even more rapid after people were shaken due to COVID-19 and were hesitant to visit and check places physically. All such issues can also be solved by having an online presence where you provide the customers with just about everything you can! All these reasons directly lead to the selection of our first 2 points.

Before creating an online presence, one final thing to consider is that most businesses are all doing this by now. You need to present yourself in a way that stands out and is distinguishable from the rest so that it leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

1. Have a high ranking website

What do we mean by a high-ranking website? We mean a website that is optimized for on-page and off-page SEO, a website that is fast and responsive, and which works well on mobile phones as well. Another key thing to add would be a search bar as it facilitates the user and lets them find exactly what they want. Adding Infographic ideas can also help your visitors to get to know your product or services better and can also boost your website ranking higher.

How does this benefit you? Well, this ensures that your website shows higher up on search engines. This improves your visibility to customers and opens the door for you to bring more new customers in.

2. Be active on social media

There can be no denying the fact that social media is king currently and considering its usage and value, having a social media presence is a must! Make use of different social media websites by having a clear strategy according to their content and users. Following are two of the social media sites which are relevant and most suitable for a real estate business.


Instagram is one of the most trending platforms these days as it’s ever-growing and your reach is potentially expanding all the time. Another benefit is that the features which would suit a real estate business most are the ones that are prominent and mostly used on Insta. It is a useful platform to showcase pictures and videos of the properties through stories and posts which is perfect for you as it can let the users have a better idea of what the place is like through a virtual mini-tour.

Insta reels are also quite fashionable these days and they are an excellent way of showing off different properties. Be active through reels and stories as it would increase your reach quite significantly and would expand your audience! 

Companies like The Agency and Jellis Craig use this method to promote and enhance themselves very well. 


YouTube is a great place to upload detailed videos of properties and makes for a good alternative to a real-life tour. This would facilitate all those people as well who can not physically visit the place due to one reason or the other. 

Try to have a well-shot and well-edited video walkthrough of your properties and even consider using drones to create aesthetic and engaging videos. Given the nature of your work, a drone would definitely be worth the investment as it will allow you to make attractive and appealing videos.

Graham feature is a prominent name on YouTube and he has over 3 million followers to whom he teaches different aspects of the business and industry. Grant Cardone, owner of real estate investment business, Cardone Capital, has a highly successful YouTube channel that revolves around different features of a real estate business. Phil Pustejovsky

3. Use geo-targeted online ads on social media

Online ads have been around for a long time and with constant advancements, the features you can incorporate into them have increased as well. One interesting feature you can use is to run geo-targeted online ads. The benefit of that is that it will allow you to target a specific area with your ads and you can also create customized ads for that specific area. Customized ads for a certain location tend to do better than general ads for a large area. Research also s\indicates that geo-targeted ads have a relatively better success rate. 

If managing all the social media handles and designing ads sound like too much work, you can explore a variety of real estate ad templates online.

4. Build trust and credibility

In a business of such nature, trust, confidence, and credibility play an important role. You should build these up so that people trust you and are willing to deal with you.

You can start with customer testimonials and use the testimonials to represent how well you deal with clients and what kind of problems you take care of. You can collect testimonials in the shape of a feedback form or can even ask clients to record a video if they are comfortable. Make these testimonials easily accessible on your social handles and on your website. Making a separate page for testimonials on your website would be wise as users can easily access it and they would be quite easy to find. 

You can even ask customers for referrals if they like your service and can reward them for every referral in the form of goodie bags, merchandise, or a discount.

Another way to get people to trust you is to collaborate with influencers who operate in this field or with small businesses in your locality. Such actions would build goodwill and trust which will hold you in good stead for the future. 

Both these things help build trust in your company and according to research, people are more likely to buy from you if they feel they can trust and rely on you so this is a more important factor than people like to believe.

In conclusion, while there are numerous ways to promote your real estate business in this day and age, the mentioned strategies are the ones that will set up your base and will allow you to expand in the future as you wish. 


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