Factors Real Estate Agents Should Look for in Escrow Partner

Business dealings are essential, especially between the real estate agent & an Escrow India agency. When they collaborate, they offer exceptional services to their customers & guide them through the closing process with better transparency & peace of mind!

Developing a seamless and smooth process brings happy customers. Having a partner is not enough if you choose the wrong one! Below are some considerations to follow on how to select Escrow services in India.

Things you must look into an Escrow partner

  • Location matters

The ideal location is a crucial part of selling a home. It is worth considering where the escrow partner office is located. After all, you’ll probably travel there to confer with the escrow agent, deliver & pick up a check, sign papers, etc. Prefer to choose a company that is conveniently located near the residence.

  • Consider the cost structure

Do you want to pay more than the expected rate? The answer is definitely No! No one wants to hire an escrow account in India team who asks to pay more than the expected rate. This is why choosing an agency that offers a transparent cost structure is necessary. The company should give an estimated cost so they know what to expect.

  • A team of expert staff

Everyone desires to connect with the best professionals, and knowing which level of expertise a company has helps greatly. Always choose a company with a high level of expertise and skilled members in their team. In that case, any issues identified and addressed can be done quickly. It also ensures there are zero issues when you finally sit to close the deal. With them, you can protect your professional reputation and boost it.

  • Resources and experience

Everyone wants an escrow partner who has enough experience in this field. It is recommended to check the review of any potential partners through their website. It offers peace of mind and boosts the confidence to get the optimum results. In addition, it is also important to learn whether they have the proper resources to meet your specific requirements or not! Most trusted and reliable escrow service providers use advanced technology to turn things easier for you. They use digital storage, e-signatures, cloud technology, and security measures.

  • Better customer service skills

Most of the experts have in-depth knowledge, but they don’t have the skills to communicate. When customers pay for a specific service, they like to feel that they are well taken care of! It is equally essential to select a company with excellent customer service skills.

  • Value added experts

The escrow agent should augment & add value to the work. You must pay a closer look at how the company works. Check for the escrow company that streamlines the processes to save you and your client money and time. Check whether they offer paperless closing services or e-sign documents to ease the process of tracking & submitting the documents. Access to all the closing documents in one place makes it easier!


Searching for a reliable Escrow payment partner might be an overwhelming task for you. Before you choose anyone, you must look for the type of services they offer and their customer satisfaction level. Choosing the wrong company might put you at risk. So remember to choose an escrow partner committed to offering the ideal technologies & resources.


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