4 Reasons You’d Love Living in Pennsylvania

Living in Pennsylvania

When most of us make a list of our dream places to live in the US, Pennsylvania rarely rates in the top ten. But that’s likely more because we don’t realize all the amazing qualities the Keystone State has.

As part of America’s foundation, Pennsylvania has it all: location, history, entertainment, and beauty. If you’re considering moving to this incredible area, here’s a list of four reasons you will love living in Pennsylvania.

1. The Climate May Not Be What You Think

If the main obstacle against moving to Pennsylvania is the snow, you might be surprised to learn that some parts of the state aren’t as chilly as you think. Sure, you’ll want to avoid Erie, where the snow season can bring up to 101.2 inches each year. But the next snowiest city, Warren, only gets a total of 69 inches, and the snowfall levels decrease from there.

Unlike our more northern states, winters in PA range from about 19°F to 33°F. Rarely will you see those single-digit and negative numbers associated with other snowy states.

And if you’re looking for a state where you can walk outside without instant humidity wearing you down, PA has you covered! The temperature ranges are small, with July often bringing highs in the 70s and 80s.

Whether you’re looking for big cities or sprawling countryside, this state has it all. Waterfalls, rivers, lakes, mountains, farms, ranches, fields, and urban and suburban life are easy to find in Pennsylvania.

2. Entertainment Abounds

Are you looking for ways to explore nature? The parks located above and underground make Pennsylvania an ideal place for expanding your hobby. In fact, Allentown’s parks have more total square footage than any other comparable city in the country.

Caverns, like Laurel Caverns, which is the largest cave tourist attraction in the state, allow visitors to explore the ecosystem and geography underneath the Earth’s surface. In Laurel Caverns, the depth goes as deep as 464 feet, but tours only take you down 150 feet.

If you’d rather stay and play where the sun shines, a trip to Hershey Park can become part of your annual staycation tradition. Hershey is America’s chocolate capital, and guests to the park can learn about the history of their favorite candy bar, ride rides, play games, and indulge in amazing delicacies.

3. History is Still Visible Here

Philadelphia, the capital of PA, played the starring role in the first and second Continental Congresses. In 1774 and 1775, the American Revolution was on the horizon, and the Declaration of Independence was signed here, causing this important war.

Since then, Pennsylvania has continued to hold onto these important pieces of history. As you explore the state, you’ll see the proud nationalism that spreads throughout the land.

But that doesn’t mean PA is still set in old-fashioned ways. For instance, the state is one of many with updated medical marijuana laws. And if you’re a sports fan, you’ll love following Pittsburgh, where the “cradle of quarterbacks” continually releases some of the top NFL athletes each year!

4. Agritourism is a Big Deal

As our country continues to recognize the importance of agriculture to the overall society, Pennsylvania’s combination of old-fashioned Amish traditions and cutting-edge technology make it a favorite place for agritourism activities.

The state boasts over 6,400 farmer’s markets and more than 700 farms where tourists can get hands-on with various farming and agricultural activities.

Pennsylvania is fourth in the country for milk and ice cream production. You’ll find an almost endless array of dairy items to choose from in grocery stores and farmers’ shops.

While you’re making your list of shopping items, be sure to add fresh fruits and vegetables, maple sugar and syrup, and edible mushrooms. They’re all grown and sold locally in many cities! The abundance of nutritious goods is exactly what the doctor ordered, making PA a potentially healthy state — if you can stay away from the chocolate!


Florida, California, and other sunny places are often at the top of the list of states to move to, but those locations are full of drawbacks, like heat, missing seasons, and densely populated areas.

Instead, why not head to Pennsylvania, where these four facts are just a handful of the many amazing reasons you’ll love living in the Keystone State.


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