8 Marketing Cloud Consultant’s Role in Your Business

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants are highly specialized individuals who assist clients in implementing Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud software. They assist businesses of all sizes in better to manage their marketing efforts, from creating targeted content and campaigns to tracking the results.

In this article, we will discuss eight marketing cloud consultants’ roles in your business and the tools available that assist marketing cloud consultants in achieving their desired goals.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is a world-class salesforce platform for marketing automation and customer engagement. It is a platform that aids in the execution of marketing phases such as omnichannel campaign execution, social media engagement and advertising, data management, and more. 

What Are the Vital Components of the SFMC?

SFMC has all of the sophisticated measures and features that will assist a Marketing Cloud Consultant in personally understanding the basic needs of their customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services manage content based on individual customer demand and cultivate a positive relationship with potential service consumers.

Critical SFMC components: 

Email Studio

Marketers can use an email studio to send a valuable message to a potential customer at the right time and secure the rooting of email campaigns.

Journey Builder

You can use this useful component to access visual mapping. You can personalize the customers’ journeys at each stage of life through various channels. 

Advertising Studio

The advertising studio will allow for the execution of digital advertisements to ensure a secure bond with potential customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation will personalize advertising content and strengthen your marketing strategies.

Social Studio

This clever component enables businesses to customize their social media posts or campaigns to capture the attention of their social media customers. It will broaden the company’s scope by analyzing and gathering information about the potential audience via social media practices. 

Eight Marketing Cloud Consultant’s Roles in Your Business

  1. They offer comprehensive end-to-end sales cloud support and training to assist organizations in maximizing the benefits of sales cloud.
  2. Create scalable solutions based on business goals, marketing metrics, and technological requirements.
  3. Mitigate Business Risks- A salesforce consultant’s responsibilities include business mapping. They are at the heart of everything, including identifying potential risks your company may face soon. As a result, your company requires one to gain insights into actions that protect it from pitfalls.
  4. Create platform configuration and data feeds to run effective automated email campaigns.
  5. Act as a hands-on consultant on large-scale projects such as email marketing campaigns, customer service solutions, data segmentation, and customer journey mapping.
  6. Inform teams about recent technological advancements, new business initiatives, third-party solutions, and effective email templates.
  7. Optimize internal processes based on opportunity gaps, team requests, and business requirements.
  8. They Help Implement Salesforce Updates Seamlessly- like all other CRM tools, Salesforce has undergone numerous changes and updates to accommodate changing business needs. Salesforce developers are committed to releasing planned updates to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

This means you’ll need someone who understands the transformation and can implement updates on time and per your company’s requirements. Salesforce consultants will assist you in effectively and cost-effectively implementing these updates. Through their ongoing engagement with diverse clients across industries, the consultants understand how each update benefits your business. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Skills

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants must have the following abilities to be successful: 

Problem-solving skills

You may be responsible as a marketing cloud consultant for identifying and resolving issues arising during a marketing strategy’s implementation. For example, you could determine the cause of a drop-in website traffic or a drop-in sale. You may also determine the root cause of a decrease in customer satisfaction or brand loyalty. 

Marketing skills

Marketing knowledge is the bedrock of a marketing cloud consultant’s expertise. Understanding the marketing funnel, creating marketing strategies and campaigns, analyzing marketing data, and creating marketing materials are all examples of these skills. 

Industry knowledge

A marketing cloud consultant should be well-versed in the marketing industry. This includes awareness of the most recent trends, strategies, and tactics businesses use to market their products and services. This information can assist you in developing effective marketing strategies for your clients. 

Salesforce proficiency

Salesforce proficiency is the ability to utilize the software fully. This includes understanding how to use the system, enter data, and create marketing campaigns. To provide the best service to clients, a marketing cloud consultant should thoroughly understand the software. 

Communication skills

The ability to convey information to others is referred to as communication skills. Marketing cloud consultants communicate with clients and colleagues by using their communication skills. They also explain complex marketing strategies and tactics using their communication skills.

Benefits of Having Marketing Cloud Consultants

Sales and marketing have always been critical pillars for businesses to drive engagement and revenue. As a result, aligning them with emerging technologies enables your organization to make critical decisions and add value to your business.

Regarding Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation, it is critical to plan out each component based on priorities and planned usage. Proper implementation is the foundation of your project’s long-term success with the salesforce marketing cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Job Requirements

Training & Experience

Salesforce marketing cloud consultants are typically trained on the job. Depending on the company and the role, this training can last from weeks to a few months. During this training, a salesforce marketing cloud consultant will learn the company’s specific processes and procedures. They will also learn how to use the features of the marketing cloud to help the company’s marketing efforts.


A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or a related field is typically required by most employers for marketing cloud consultants. However, some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree in marketing or a related field. 

Certifications & Licenses

Salesforce consultants can obtain various certifications that demonstrate their knowledge of various aspects of the Salesforce platform. 


So, these are some of the advantages of hiring Salesforce cloud consultants when implementing Salesforce in your business. Implementing a salesforce software solution into the business is insufficient for success. To win the market, a company must understand how to obtain the full benefits of that specific salesforce solution. And it is here that the salesforce specialists come in handy. They undoubtedly have more experience and a better understanding of this platform; they understand how, when, and where to apply that specific salesforce solution to add value to your business. As a result, hiring salesforce consultants is always a wise decision that organizations should make.


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