Best Places to Visit in the USA for a Family Vacation

Best Places to Visit in the USA

One year of restrictions and stay-at-home measures due to the pandemic has impacted most, if not all, of us. Due to the pandemic, the closed resorts, deserted campsites, and other vacation sites have snatched our sweet plans of unwinding with our family.

With the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine this year, a glimmer of hope is seen, especially by people who are thrilled to have that most-awaited vacation. However, we must not grow complacent, as this pandemic still exists, and the virus continuously spreads across the country.

In fact, tens of thousands of new cases nationwide are reported daily, causing different U.S states to issue new stay-at-home orders and increase testing and contract tracing. Many states have also enforced strict adherence to social distancing and mask usage.

Despite the continuous threat of the virus, pandemic fatigue is starting to take a grip on us that we could not help but think of enjoying a safe vacation, a quick escape from reality. While we need to adhere to the public health guidelines, we also need to take care of our mental health. One way to handle this pandemic fatigue is to enjoy a nice vacation.

If you are looking for some best places to visit in the USA vacation ideas for your family to enjoy amid the pandemic, we have compiled a list of the best places you can visit in the USA.

Enjoy the lake

Summer trips often mean spending time with the family and splashing in the freshwater of dreamy lake views. Soak in the sun and have your little space in the idyllic views of paradise in these summer getaway lakes.

  • Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island, Michigan

If you want a taste of the sea or just a nice view of the lakes while sipping your coffee, then consider the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island in Michigan. It is known as “America’s Summer Place,” offering a midwestern experience accessible only via a ferry ride.

  • Kenoza Lake, New York

Kenoza Hall in the western Catskills in New York can be your refuge if you opt for a quick dip in the water or a picnic with your family while overlooking Kenoza Lake.

Sailing around

Whether you are headed for the ocean or lake, setting sail is perfect for a blend of privacy and adventure. Here are some of the breathtaking destinations that can be best explored on a boat in the U.S.

  • Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Lake Pleasant in Arizona is a great spot to indulge in outdoor recreation like boating, fishing, and camping. To fully embrace the beauty of the lake with your family, you can rent a boat in Lake Pleasant. May it be pontoons, speedboats, or jet skis, all you have to think about is your sweet escapade as boat rental services can handle your needs.

  • San Juan Island, Washington

Dock on a spot in San Juan Island, Washington, where you can cruise the main islands’ straits to see wildlife.

  • Newport, Rhode Island

If you are into sailing, you need to visit Newport, Rhode Island, which is home to the yacht culture in the U.S.

  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Nevada’s crystal-clear Lake Tahoe is surrounded by many resorts, coves for kayaking, paddleboarding, and depths for scuba diving.

  • Miami, Florida

If you have ever heard of beaches and boat culture, Miami would always be mentioned as a favorite nautical town for locals and visitors.  You can bask in the glory of sunbathing or fishing or satiate yourself with dock-and-dine restaurants in this southeastern metropolis.

Go Camping

Camping offers the opportunity to explore the great outdoors while staying safe with social distancing. Just like resorts, national parks and other campgrounds are slowly reopening, but with safety protocols and enhanced cleaning policies. While camping outside minimizes the risk of contracting the virus due to limited interaction, the risk is still there due to shared amenities.

Go Camping

What’s good with camping out is you can bring your RV for a trip to the national parks, especially if you are anxious about sharing space with other people. In fact, according to the President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association Roger Dow, Americans’ interest in having road trips during the pandemic caused a spike in RV rentals and purchases.

With safety precautions in mind, mentioned below are some of the fantastic campsites that you can explore with your family.

  • Cranberry Lake Campground, New York

Cranberry Lake Campground, New York

Campers have long admired this favorite destination for its astounding view within the Puget Sound and reasonable price point. It is New York’s most visited state park, offering a wide range of activities, from forest hiking and boating to swimming and fishing on the beach.

  • Hancock Campground, Lincoln

You can also check out Hancock Campground in Lincoln, New Hampshire, to enjoy its proximity to the White Mountain and relax on nearby picnic areas and swimming spots.

  • Fall Creek Falls State Park Campground, Spencer

If you want to bring out your tent or RV, you can spend the night at the Fall Creek Falls State Park Campground in Spencer, Tennessee. It has a total of 222 campsites, which makes it spacious enough for social distancing. Aside from the level ground, you can also hike through rock formations and gushing waterfalls.

  • The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

National parks are open to people who want to camp outside with a majestic view. The Grand Canyon in Arizona might be on everyone’s bucket list due to its natural beauty and wonder. To be specific, the Mather campground in Grand Canyon offers 327 campsites with the inclusion of traditional tents, RVs, picnic tables, and a space for a maximum of three tents.

  • Watchman Campground, Springdale

Watchman Campground, Springdale

You can also enjoy the statuesque view of the sandstone cliffs and the Virgin River if you park your RV at the Watchman Campground in Zion National Park. Since this is a favorite campsite, it is best to book up quickly to reserve your spot.

Hit the resorts

Resorts are one of the safest places for you and your family. The good thing is many of the most popular resorts in the U.S. are open for business but strictly adhering to safety measures. The establishments’ priority and concern for their guests and staffs’ safety is a huge factor when deciding where to spend your vacation during a pandemic.

Hit the resorts

If you want to be reassured, you can check your chosen resort’s website or ask the hotel staff about their cleaning policies. Aside from the hotel’s health measures, you must also consider the space that you will occupy. Staying in a resort with great outdoors can be beneficial to allow proper ventilation and social distancing. Here are some of the cool family resorts you can visit: 

  • Barnsley Resort, North Georgia

Barnsley Resort is a great place to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoor lifestyle. With more than 3,000 acres in North Georgia, your whole family can enjoy breathtaking scenery and exciting activities. From golf and horseback riding to hiking, everyone can enjoy the pleasures of nature.

  • Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, Austin

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, Austin

You can also check out the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines in the Hill Country of Austin, a great place from which you can explore the Texan outdoors. You can try hiking, horseback riding, and golfing at the Wolfdancer Golf Club, as well as kayak excursions on the Colorado River.

  • Massanutten Resort , Virginia

The Massanutten Resort in Virginia can be a great spot to enjoy the Shenandoah Valley’s green scenery. It is mid-Atlantic’s all-season resort destination with 6,000 acres of mountain fun and unique amenities like a water park and adventure parks. Since the resort is located in the heart of Shenandoah valley, it is accessible to all major cities in the U.S.

Relax on top of the world

If you would rather experience cabin resorts atop a mountain for an enchanting view of the woods, you can also visit any of these resorts.

  • Urban Cowboy Lodge, New York

Urban Cowboy Lodge, New York

In the Northeast, you can enjoy the new Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskill mountain region. It has guest rooms spread across five separate buildings, which makes social distancing easy.

  • Treehouse Village Inn, Vermont

If you want to seek refuge in a treehouse, you can check out the Treehouse Village Inn in Vermont near Mount Snow and enjoy its unique amenities.

  • Amangani, Wyoming

Amangani, Wyoming

If you are in the west, you can visit Amangani in Wyoming, a secluded hilltop oasis on the fringes of Grand Teton National Park. You can enjoy spacious suites with terraces, immerse in nature, and enjoy outdoor dining on the sundeck with a view of the Snake River Valley.

Home Rentals

Home rentals

As you search for the best places to visit with your family, it is essential to find affordable and accessible overnight lodging aside from grandiose hotels. Experts noted that private vacation rentals could be safer than hotels due to increased chances of contact with other people when using the common hotel amenities.

While this is true, it is still crucial to stay cautious and follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s and World Health Organization’s safety guidelines.

Of course, you also have the option to lounge or sleep inside your RV if you choose to bring it along for the journey, but here are some home rental options in the following states that you can consider if you want to snooze and relax in a full-sized bed even for just a night.

  • North Carolina

North Carolina

To stay secluded with your family, you may opt to book a mountain cabin in North Carolina. Besides the pristine location in a farming valley, you can also enjoy hiking, rafting, mountain biking, and hot-air ballooning nearby. For safety purposes, the cabin has an enhanced cleaning policy, and disinfecting is done.

  • Vermont


Another home rental is the woodland cabin in the Green Mountains’ foothills in Vermont, where you can luxuriate in a woodland charm that seems to be straight out of a fairytale book. It has an off-grid feel where you can enjoy the seclusion with no electricity nor Wi-Fi. Instead, you can enjoy hiking trails and swimming spot—a perfect place to escape from the buzz of reality and social media.

  • Maine

If you want a bigger house to welcome up to 17 people, you can book a large Lakefront Home in Maine. It is positioned in the Hardwood Hill Island Nature Preserve and near Acadia National Park. You can appreciate the view of Graham Lake right outside the house. Aside from the abundance of amenities, the house rental also has a dock by the lake where you can enjoy kayaking with the family.

There are still numerous vacation rentals that you can find for overnight lodging with your family. Choose the one that fits your budget and consider the amenities you want to indulge in during your vacation.

Before you visit

Although you can minimize the risks of contracting the COVID-19 virus by looking for a place with limited social interaction, it is still important to always follow safety guidelines. Wear a mask, observe proper social distancing of at least 6 feet, and constantly wash your hands with soap and water or disinfect with alcohol or sanitizer. With these in mind, you now know the essentials you need to pack, aside from the usual things you bring during vacation trips.

covid 19 guidelines

Bring with you a handy disinfecting spray, wipes, alcohol, and face masks for everyone, as many destinations may not allow you to enter without them.

There are many fun places to consider when deciding where to go for a quick getaway with your family. Aside from the budget, amenities, and location, you must also consider the quarantine mandates on your destination. Despite your desire to have that most-deserved breather, you must not forget to look at the “fun-to-risk ratio” before deciding on where to set on your foot.

The places mentioned differ in the environment and level of strictness to protocols, so it is still up to you how you would weigh things out. Remember that this pandemic is far from over, and it is better to be safe than sorry.


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