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compress video online

With the current influx of gadgets in our lives, millions of people around the globe take loads of videos every day with their mobile phones, tablets, and cameras. Due to increasing resolution quality in the cameras, videos take larger space than they used to. A mere 5-minute video takes 1 GB of space when taken with a high-resolution camera, with the file size only growing due to increasing pixels in cameras.

The increase in video file size results in problems for the users. There are some sites that compress Gb files into kb, find out more about such free tools. Also, Several social media sites have a file size limit for videos to be uploaded on their platform. Large videos are also inconvenient for sharing as they take a long time to transfer. To solve these problems, one needs to compress the original video to a size suitable to their needs. There’s no need to splash the cash for professional video editing software when there are several online video compressing sites that do the same for free. We did our research and came across numerous online video compressing sites and found the best ones for you.


 This is a fairly simple compressor that allows users to compress their images, audio, and video files. One can use Youcompress an unlimited number of times to reduce their video file size. You just have to upload from your computer the video file you want to compress on Youcompress, and the file will be compressed. The process is automatic, so you do have the option to set the output video’s resolution, bit rate, format, etc. There’s no size limit to the file you upload.

 Pros :

  1. Easy to use
  2. Compressed videos are not watermarked. 

Cons :

  1. You cannot select output video characteristics.
  2. Video compression settings are automatic
  3. No file sharing compatibility. online uni-converter is an online video compressing site that lets you compress your large video files free of cost effortlessly. It supports more than a thousand audio and video formats, which give you flexibility and lets you compress videos across multiple digital devices. Compressing a video with is a simple three-step process.

First, you need to upload a video from a local hard drive. Afterward, you can select the resolution of the output video, the file format of the video, and the percent to which a video is going to be compressed. However, you cannot compress files larger than 100 Mb, which means you’ve to look for alternatives for longer-duration files.

 Pros :

  1. Easy to use
  2. Fast upload and download speed
  3. No watermark
  4. It supports over a thousand audio and video formats

 Cons :

  1. Importing files from Google drive/dropbox isn’t available
  2. A 100 Mb file size limit
  3. The free version limits many features. You need to go pro to access these features.

 Clip champ

 This online video editing service optimizes videos for various purposes by using different templates. Clip champ converts, records, and compresses video files besides the editing process. Clip champ reduces the size of the video file while retaining the quality of the video. It supports Mp4, MOV, and AVI video formats.

 To change the size of a video, you have the option of choosing between high, medium, or low video quality options from the Customize Settings menu. One can also customize the resolution and format of the video. The free version leaves a watermark on videos that can be removed by upgrading to the pro version. There’s no size limit to the file you upload.

 Pros :

  1. Unlimited video file size upload
  2. It offers a huge selection of template
  3. Easy to upload video
  4. Extensive file-sharing capabilities
  5. Variety of file conversion options

 Cons :

  1. Free version watermarks video
  2. Very few output file formats


 CloudConvert offers several different platform options that allow users to import files from URLs, computers, and OneDrive. It offers a selection from a wide range of 200 file formats. CloudConvert lets users change resolution, aspect ratio, the number of frames per second, and the bitrate of a video. You can also adjust the audio settings for each video you compress. You can even completely remove the audio of a video or fine-tune its characteristics like bitrate and frequency.

 Pros :

  1. Powerful video compression tools
  2. It supports over 200 file formats.
  3. It lets you save your output file to Dropbox.

 Cons :

  1. the free version has a 1 GB file limit.
  2. You must purchase one of the subscription models if you want to compress more than five files in a row.

PS2PDF online MP4 video converter

 This powerful video compression tool can be accessed in three easy steps. You simply have to upload your file from your computer or use Google Drive or Dropbox. One can then make changes to the quality of the output file, size of the output file, shrink the video by percentage or compress using variable or constant bitrate. As the name suggests, the video file can only be converted to MP4 file format. It also takes some processing time for good-quality video files. So you need to sacrifice the quality of the video if you want to speed things up.

 Pros :

  1. Quick file upload time.
  2. No file size limitations.
  3. Allows users to select the dimensions of the output video.

 Cons :

  1. It supports just MP4 output file format
  2. The compression speed depends on the quality of the output video.








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