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Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

During the holidays, one of the most treasured traditions is the exchanging of gifts. If you are in a couple or have friends just starting a new relationship, then you know how important coming up with Christmas gift ideas can be. Here are a few.

You are now officially in a relationship. Congratulations. But as the holidays inch ever closer, do you feel the terror yet? That tingling as the thoughts of the perfect Christmas gift ideas dance around your mind? Don’t be alarmed; it is happening all over the world. And it happens because getting a gift for a significant other is different than any other you may have given in the past.

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But why? Simply put, because you will see your loved one more frequently than anyone else you have offered a gift to at Christmas time, especially if you live together. And, you might have met in a bar, or through a church function, or on one of the hookup dating sites that are popular on the internet. It doesn’t matter. You still feel the need to get the right gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas

 Suppose you can get past those first-time jitters, your insecurities, and a genuine state of concern that your gift will not be received well. In that case, it will be a lot easier to pick the right present for your significant other, or even for a close couple whose love you wish to celebrate on their first holiday together.

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Perhaps your brother just met a wonderful person he is head over heels for after a long history of bad romances. Then you want to show them your support by giving the best Christmas gifts for couples and start their holiday off right. Just remember, they are just beginning their life together, so useful Christmas gifts will be more welcome than something romantic.

Dazzle Your Partner

Romantic presents are for you and your partner, and we have a list of the top Christmas gifts that will make their eyes sparkle and their jaws drop.

  1. Clever Coffee Mugs: A fun and useful item, his and hers coffee mugs that say funny phrases will enrich relationships and give a well-needed laugh every time you look at them.
  2. Movie Night Gift Basket: Who doesn’t love to snuggle up with a bottle of wine and a tub of tasty popcorn. Add some movie candy and the right film, and you are all set.
  3. Hot Sauce Bundles: This might seem like one of those Christmas gift ideas for him, but the ladies like hot sauce, too. So, spice up their romance, and their dishes, with this fun idea.
  4. Personalized Kitchen Items: How would you like to have a personalized set of dish towels or a personalized cutting board? They exist, and they are beautifully scrolled by master carvers—a nice touch for your kitchen.
  5. First Dance Lyrics on Canvas: Do you remember the first song you asked your partner to dance to? She does. And while this might seem like one of those Christmas gift ideas for her that will be lost on you, when you see it, you will be taken back to that time and might even ask her to dance again to the same song.
  6. Fondue for Two: Picnics are lovely for couples, but nothing beats a nice night with some good wine and a steamy cauldron of fondue. Get your skewers ready, pop the cork, and chat about how amazing everything tastes.
  7. “I Love You…I Know” Shadowbox: Geek out with the best of them with a custom Star Wars shadow box featuring your names below Lego versions of Leah and Han. An adorable idea for Lucas enthusiasts.
  8. Personalized Book of Love: Tell someone else’s story from the outside observer perspective with this thoughtful book, chronicling your favorite couple’s journey. An adorable idea for the couple you admire in your life.
  9. Couples: Conversation Starters: Do you feel some silence where there should be lots of communication? Then it might be time to jump-start those chats. Just like writer’s block, sometimes you need the right nudge to get things back on track. And communication in relationships is so important.
  10. Custom Travel Map: If you and your partner love to travel and put spoons on a wall or stickers on your RV just won’t cut it, then perhaps an oversized travel map is more your speed. These are highly detailed and have plenty of ways you can chart your journeys together.

The Simple and The Cheap

Is it ok to get your partner a simple and elegant gift? Yes, because it is from the heart, it took plenty of thought in its selection, and you gave it to them lovingly. But there is a difference between simple presents and cheap Christmas gifts, and the distinction is essential.

Simple means something that isn’t too ostentatious or overwhelming. A necklace is simple. A new luxury car is quite the opposite. And a necklace made of candy and meant to be a joke is just in poor taste. As a rule of thumb, never get a prank gift for your significant other. It will never land well, and they will never laugh about it later.

That being said, if you have limited funds and didn’t plan ahead, there are gifts you can get that will cost very little. The important thing is that it comes from the right place, it will make them feel special because of your effort, and that it is not ultimately a gift for you.


The holidays are such a wonderful time, and when you are a couple in love, they are even more memorable. There is something about giving your partner a gift that you know will make them beam with joy that gives those twinkle lights a little extra twinkle. So, this holiday season, show your love by putting in a little extra effort and picking the gifts you know they will appreciate. Have you shopped for the special people in your life, and what did you get?

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