Crucial Software Developers Skills In Demand For 2021

Software Developers Skills In Demand For 2021

The terrane of work is revolutionizing. Big growth startups and scale up are drawing to close from conventional hire and embracing more extensible and temporary remote working models.

This holds true when it funnels down to sourcing technical skills too.

Software Developers

From 2019 there is an unprecedented increase of 4.8 million in the developers population globally with firms competing with each other to hire the best talent and resources for their project development.

Also, businesses are constantly in the search for the best and trusted software development company in Dubai to match up with the gradual shift in business dynamic online.

Regardless of what platform the product or software is developed, if the coders and programmers are not compatible enough then the complete project can go downhill. So, to leave no room for mistakes, firms instead of hiring permanent software developers, are opting for more flexible solutions that offer them to create solutions and products faster and also fill decisive technical skill set gaps at a faster speed.

Finding a right developer with proven expertise is easier said than done. There’s numerous developers out in the market but picking out the selected few who have a valuable technical skillset is the biggest challenge for mostCTO’s.

So, you must be wondering what makes for a highly skilled software developer in Dubai for 2021? What developers’ skillset is in the CTO’s checklist to hire or work with the best resources out there?

Let’s explore this a little more…

There’s No Proxy For Wisdom

To tick the boxes of high niche technical job responsibilities, first and foremost, software developers need proficiency and apex level of knowledge in their respective field.

Moreover, they need to have a deep understanding of common obstacles and should be proactive in overcoming challenges frequently faced in their area of expertise. Mounting on that, they also need to be an excellent communicator with impeccable time management that is open to learn quickly and work well with others, while maintaining a high-end user focus.

To work at a premium level, developers need to master three essential skills, in particular, to deliver value for the most creative and innovative businesses.

These primarily consist of:

  • Problem-solving
  • Data management
  • Algorithm management

Evaluate Developers Soft Skill For The Culture Fit

Far away from technical skills and qualification, the reliable and highly-skilled developers should portray an adequate level of humility and relational smarts, while getting ready to work in a cohesive team and offer compliments when needed.

Don’t forget, attitude does play an invincible role. With the changing nature of high growth businesses, developers and professionals need to be open-minded and curious to put their knowledge in the best of use.

Their ideas must mirror this philosophy, and they must also be keen to seek out problems and find appropriate solutions.

The experienced developer partners in the fastest growing software development companies in Dubai embrace the idea of shared code-ownership and are welcoming to new views and recommendations on different ways of improvement.

These soft skills are just as crucial as the development talent.

Master The Lines Of Codes

Ahead the soft skills aforementioned that help developers to fit comfortably into a company’s culture, the profound developers will have a comprehensive insight of at least one programming language.

Master The Lines Of Codes

In early 2020, Javascript and HTML/CSS were the most commonly used programming languages across the hot-pick choices of software developers around the world, with roughly around 68 per cent of respondents stating that they use Javascript in developing their software and 63.5% using HTML/CSS. Besides, SQL, Python and Java rounded out the top most widely used programming languages globally.

Let’s discover the 5 most in demand programming languages in the market now:

1.     Javascript

With 14% of job posting on Indeed, Javascript skill remains the top most skill in demand while hiring. As the most-used programming language, it’s in a state of constant evolution. Operating across numerous industries and roles, Javascript remains a crucial language in the development aisle.

2.     HTML/CSS

With 61% of software developers across the globe prefer to use CSS/HTML language for programming and 1 per cent planning to adopt, this language marks as the second most preferred skilled language while vetting the list to hire software developers in Dubai and globally.

3.     SQL

At nonce, 22% of all techie postings, SQL is an absolutely crucial technical skill. As considered the most universal database language, SQL powers many commonly used database engines.

As SQL is in every technical, marketing and sales team, it has a distinctive array of functions that are used to inform key business decisions, making it important.

4.     Python

Considered as the fastest-growing development language, Python is playing a crucial role in the development space and is a significant technology giant in data science. It offers versatility, simple ease of use and faster development times. Python is all set to emerge its wings, making it an increasingly crucial language.

5.     Java

With a mainstay of Android app development, Java has been a hot pick for software developers for almost two decades. Working across platforms, and providing companies to create code on the system and make it compatible with other devices, Java’s flexibility maintains its popularity in the development landscape.

So, without any further ado, seek a healthy fusion of soft and hard skills in developers.

Having a deep understanding of one of these languages is crucial as this makes reliability on a developer’s knowledge of their specialist area. With each programming language having its own rules, strengths and practices, the developers need to know how to make the most of their expertise language potential.

All in all, Python, Javascript and Java are practically sought after in the market and considered to be most preferred coding languages because of their well-maintained libraries and packages.

But, beyond their bespoke expertise in the field, developers must also possess other crucial skills and knowledge, enabling them to fulfil the responsibilities of a tech-wizard.

What Other 2021’s Unskippable Skills To Look In A Product Developer?

As already known, a developer must be proficient with lines of code and programming skills, along with an upper hand technically with scripting platforms and languages. To add, knowledge is not enough, but even soft skills are an instrumental part of a developers checklist.

Let us explore those soft and technical aspects of developers.

●       Find What Business Has In Store

The developer from an experienced software development company, in Dubai, USA or globally makes sure they give a peace hearing to what clients want from the final product and what milestones are to be achieved from the same. It’s the product developer who doesn’t deviate from the end goals so as never to lose sight of the product development objectives.

●       Adopt A Proactive Strategy

Before you skyrocket the process of creating a product from scratch, it’s essential for a product developer to opt a proactive strategy so that there is always a backup plan if in the case the process gets blocked at any stage of project development. Also, it’s crucial to have an immediate plan of action in place for uncertainties.

Strategies always work beneficial ways ahead so that there is no panicking in case of the actual stage of problem solving. It’s also equally indispensable to plan your team members by allocating them to the processes they are right for.

●       Understand The Technicalities

Imagine discussing your project with a product developer that’s a newbie to coding and complexities?

It sounds “Daunting”, right?

So, make sure your partner developer is technical well-versed to programming else there is no way to understand designing and development prospects easily,

●       Clutch And Analyze The Data

Whether you agree or not, Data is the oil to make information technology machinery going and scale new heights. And, a product developer must collect data from all the possible sources related to the product, specifically the real-time feedback from people to create the right products.

It’s this analysis and evaluation of data that has to be carried out by the product developers to draw interferences on what kind of product with features or functionalities could be productive for a business.

Also, a product developer needs to gather raw data, analyse the same for concluding, and then offer results to accelerate in developing exceptional products.

●       Open To Learn

A product developer has to be open-minded for learning from fellow colleagues whether be technical front or behavioural aspect. Also, the developer should not be confined to integrate same conventional approaches, but also ready to learn and adopt new ones making it a lot easier for the development team to fulfil the requirements effectively and efficiently.

Besides, learning from peers not just helps but marks the difference in analysis and learning. Moreover, doing a SWOT analysis of oneself can be another determining factor to boost the skills and emotional abilities on an entirely new level.

●       See Through Peer’s Eyes

Undeniably, Empathy is a significant quality with the potential to achieve tremendous respect from peers. That’s why a proficient and experienced developer keeps the subordinates motivated and takes part in critical problem solving whenever required. It also helps in understanding the state of others and hence has a significant impact on breaking the ice within the team.

Empathy is equally important when a product developer has to manage clients while patiently hearing to client’s unique yet industry-oriented requirements. So, remember empathising with oneself keeps the self-confidence on the top, accompanied by one’s belief.

●       Open Communication Channel

24*7 transparent communication is the key to keep team players together, and that is what is expected from a professional and experienced product developer. Smart communication is the key to unlock a smooth and seamless development process within time and budget.

There are numerous instances where offshore developers need to regularly communicate with clients via email, chat or in person. Thus, proficiency in correspondence skills is equally mandatory in a product developer.

●       Prioritize The Trait

In some scenarios, there are just too many activities going simultaneously in project development, and prioritizing actions turn out to be essential to achieve the project completion deadlines on time.

Thus, a product developer is required to withhold a long term vision by paying attention to benefits on a longer-term and hence completing crucial modules in prior.

So, make sure your technology partner, like reliable and passionate software developers in Dubai, UAE completes the first aspect of the project in a timely paving timeline for the rest to be completed within the deadline. This also ensures the project not to miss out on primary modules, and secondary modules can be managed later on.

●       Developers Advance Approach To Problem Solving

The software development process is meant to solve challenges fundamentally and foreseeing that much before is what a professional developer should be able to do. The success of the final product depends on how efficiently and virtually the software partner and across the globe resolve business problems.

A product developer needs to be ready with problem-solving for all kinds of roadblocks whether to be coding related, design-oriented, or interpersonal. Sooner the problems get solved, the better it’s for the project not to compromise on time and finances.

●       Adept For A Systematic Project Planning

There’s always need for a sequential approach towards sketching and scrutinizing the project n the ethical manner following code of conduct. Therefore, this drift is another vital quality to look at while you hire software developers in Dubai.

Adopting to different time management techniques and offering ample time to each module and people behind that has to be the key to achieve the project success. Herein, the factors that need to be considered and paid focus is coding, time for design and discussion and implementation.

●       Creative Heads Attract A Lot More To The Table

Expertise in technical coding is a must-have for a software developer, but even one must think about bringing the creativity in the required product. So with keeping the imagination on a high level, a product developer can come up with innovative end product ideas.

A proficient product developer requires to be multidimensional when it’s all about considering from every perspective. The passionate mind can’t be used in crafting unique products and needs a great deal of creativity.

In The End… By now, you must be well-versed about the imperatives to consider when you hire software developers in Dubai. After all, it’s not just about the business knowledge, coding expertise, approach to invention, but a right blend of skills required to be a reliable developer to offer nothing less than the best.

We, software experts, believe the success of any product is achieved when expertise meets the soft skills. So, if you are still running to fill the technical skill gaps in your business.


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