Female Fun Zones in Saudi Arabia Fantastic 

People attend the Colour Run event during Riyadh season festival

In these postmodern times, who says that Saudi Arabia is a scuffling place with the super strict rules and regulations? Who says that being a female you can’t breathe in this Islamic abode alone? With the advancement of time, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has started keeping pace with the postmodern requisites. Here you would observe several positive and women-friendly changes. Yes, you can drive and go wherever you want. You can have a quality Saudi time on your Halal Holidays.

Women- Only Traveling in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia has opened up his arms to wholeheartedly embrace its foreign fellas in modest dress codes. If you believe that the male residents and tourists are the only ones to sway in the fun-filled activities and amenities available in Saudi Arabia, then you are utterly wrong. 

Laws of Segregation in Saudi Arabia 

It is undoubtedly true that Saudi Arabia is a quite possessive and conservative country for women. It practices the strict rules of segregation or separation between both genders. From washrooms to hotel rooms in the public, there are separately designed pathways for both genders. They both can enjoy the same Saudi Amenities only when they both a part of the same family. 

Separate Rooms for Female Fun 

The females, must not get disheartened because the Saudi kingdom provides you with quite enough space to have the fun-filled activities. 

Top Fun Activities for Females in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi tourist visas are on for every traveler across the globe with relative ease for the fair sex with proper dressing. So whether you are a solo female traveler, an expatriate or Saudi woman resident, you can go for a plethora of exuberant activities to soothe yourself. 

Go and Watch Movies 

Almost after 35 to 36 years, Saudi Arabia has finally lifted a ban on Cinema. AMC was the first to open its cinematic doors after the launch of its first cinema loyalty program. This spectacular entertaining abode has also introduced its Mobile Application to aid its cine-holics to finalize their movie plans seamlessly and speedily. AMC is currently operating two cinemas in Riyadh. 

So you can plan with your girlfriends to thrill your eyes with the 3D or 4D cinema experience with jam-pack of popcorns

Play Bowling  

If you say that no separate Saudi bowling center exists for women, you are utterly wrong. There is a whole for female bowling center at the Red Sea Mall. Here you can enjoy as much as your heart desires. This is the female-friendly platform to show-off your bowling skills to your female friends. 

Saudi Riyadh- A Female Oriented Abode.

Countless female festivities await the Saudi females this coming April in Riyadh. Because April is the month of exhibitions in Riyadh and mostly it is for ladies. It is the golden chance for the fair sex travelers to get to know about Saudi women as well. 

Here you would find the popular misconception going wrong that you can’t meet your fellow Saudi girls in Arab. The female-only Riyadh expos is the superb platform to interact with the Saudi ladies without any barriers of veil and abayas and out of the public’s eye. 

To get the inkling of the female-oriented expos and exhibition, go google them or read the Saudi English Newspapers.  

Saudi Art Galleries 

Saudi Arabia holds a reputable position for having appealing art galleries. It is an ample opportunity to learn newness in Saudi Arabian art and culture. Not only these exhibitions are super-affordable but also very interesting. 

Trek in Red Sand Desert in Abaya-Free Zone 

Saudi region readily offers various places for women visitors to tread without Abayas. While delving closer in the city, you would see some women expatriate roaming with their Abayas off in a full chill mood in Red Sand Deserts and Hidden Valley with no worries at all.

Go for Golf 

If you are a golfer, then practice your golfing skills at the Golf Clubs of Riyadh with the pleasing news that you need not wear Abaya in those gaming places. Because the Riyadh Golfing Clubs allow the women to spend a quality gaming time there. 

Ladies Kingdom at Al-Mamlaka 

The grand shopping Centre of Riyadh offers a spacious Paradise like women-only spot. It is labeled as the Ladies Kingdom. It is the distinct floor in the Shopping Centre that is reserved for the females only. This floor can only be reached through the special elevators which are off-limit to men. This women’s floor in Shopping Centre is symbolic of Female Reverence among Saudi males. This floor contains brilliant shops, cafes and restaurants to cater to the fun-needs of the fair Sex. 

Go to the Female Friendly Beaches 

The Saudi Kingdom has also dedicated some beachy breaks solely for female fun. Grab your tanning oil and have a sun-kissed beach time with your girlies.  

Go dancing Classes in Ladies Only Gym

This Kingdom is brimmed with the ladies only Gyms with specially planned dance classes. Like every other Woman, Saudi Women are also conscious about their fitness and physique. You can get fantabulous fitness tips in these ladies-friendly gyms. 

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