Fennel seeds health benefits and how it aids in weight loss

Fennel seeds health benefits and how it aids in weight loss

India is one of the major exporters of fennel seeds / saunf (as it is popularly known), utilizes it voraciously because of all the advantages it offers. Thanks to its numerous medicinal properties, people from diverse cultures enjoy eating fennel seeds. Indian people, for example, often eat fennel seeds after getting their meal for safer and easier digestion.

Fennel seeds are often interlinked with’ longevity’ and are known to offer a wide range of nutritional properties that help to improve a human body’s well-being. Fennel seeds provide a concentrated supply of different minerals essential for controlling blood pressure as well as preserving water within our body.

What is Fennel Seed?

Fennel seeds have a crunchy texture with a slightly sweet taste on the outside. It is also commonly used as a freshener for the teeth. In terms of appearance, fennel seeds closely resemble anise seeds and are derived from fennel plants. These contain multiple nutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin E, manganese, copper, zinc, and phosphorus and are a strong source of vitamin C. One portion of fennel seeds provide one percent of vitamin C’s RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake), and serves as a versatile antioxidant to your body, shielding the skin from any damage caused by heat, smoke, or pollutants.

Fennel seeds nutritional facts

Normally fennel seeds are eaten in one tablespoon per meal, and the nutritional value it offers can be listed below:

Let’s look at some more information regarding fennel seeds and consider how the seeds will enable us to sustain our diet and achieve the targets we set ourselves.

Fennel seed benefits 

Fennel seeds contain strong antioxidants and plant nutrients, making them a highly nutritious source with many health benefits:

Blood pressure regulation –

A study published by the Journal of Food Science found that chewing fennel seeds helps to increase the nitrate levels in saliva. Nitrite is a natural element that regulates blood pressure. Besides, fennel seeds are also rich in potassium which helps to control blood pressure and heart rate.

Ideal for skin issues –

Normal fennel seed intake accounts for minerals such as selenium, calcium, and zinc. These minerals are key to balancing hormones while maintaining your bloodstream’s oxygen balance. These minerals give the skin a refreshing and soothing effect, providing a healthy glow to it. Fennel seeds also offer various ayurvedic properties that help to treat other skin disorders such as rashes and dryness. Applying a fennel seed paste is of great benefit to the skin as the above minerals are consumed by the skin to hold it moist, clean and healthy.

Cleans Blood –

The vital fiber and essential oils in fennel seeds are considered highly useful for flushing out sludge and pollutants from our bodies, thus helping to cleanse the blood which further contributes to optimum nutrient absorption in the body. Within fennel seeds, the polyphenol antioxidants also have anti-inflammatory effects that aid in fighting different bacteria and viruses, keeping you safe from various diseases.

Helps improve eyesight –

The regular addition of a few tablespoons of fennel seeds to your diet can help to improve your vision. We contain a high vitamin A content, which is an essential component for excellent vision. Extracts from fennel seeds have been used in ancient times to treat people afflicted by glaucoma.

Reduces water retention and does away with appetite –

Drinking fennel tea daily helps your body clear away unwanted fluids. Fennel tea is behaving like a diuretic. Throughout fact, it also helps reduce the chances of urinary tract infections and eliminate kidney contaminants. It also includes diaphoretic properties which help to stimulate suddenness.

Another benefit of consuming fennel tea is that it assists in appetite suppression. By drinking one cup of fennel tea, essential oils are released which aid in suppressing hunger. A lot of dietitians propose fennel tea before meals to suppress calorie intake for weight loss.

IBS, indigestion, and constipation are common –

Fennel seeds can serve as a crucial source to treat constipation, bloating, and indigestion, as they contain essential oils such as anethole, fenchone, and estragole that contribute to the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. Those components help to break down the food in the body substantially, to maintain the digestive system working smoothly. People suffering from IBS can benefit greatly from seed extracts from the fennel. The oils help with kick-start digestion by promoting the work as well as the production of gastric juices and enzymes, maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

Reduces Cancer Risk –

The seeds have strong, free radical scavenging properties. Since antioxidants are available, fennel seeds help to neutralize free radicals that are responsible for cancer growth. Furthermore, it aims to combat oxidative stress along with shielding the body from multiple breast, stomach and skin cancers. This gives a modulative effect on the patient’s chemo.

Seeds of fennel, and weight loss-

Fennel seeds are often considered an essential food component and should be included in weight-loss diets. Regular consumption along with an active and healthy lifestyle may shed extra pounds. Weight loss is just one of the different advantages of incorporating fennel seeds into your daily diet. These small seeds have a ton of powerful nutrients to maintain a healthy human body. Here are some forms the fennel helps to reduce the body’s few extra pounds.

Fennel seeds are very rich in dietary fibers which slow the process of digestion.

This means you won’t get thirsty anytime soon after having one helping of fennel seeds, which can prevent overeating. Additionally, fennel seeds help improve the healing capacity of the body for vitamins and minerals, with the aid of antioxidants. The bonus of antioxidants is that they help break down the body’s fats and sugars and help you avoid extra pounds.

Fennel seeds also have diuretic effects that will allow you to wash out the body’s contaminants and other toxic liquids. A much-preferred alternative to fennel seed tea is a cocktail of fennel seeds, named the Variyali Sherbet. A common drink in India, this tangy drink is typically drunk in the summers to keep the body hydrated and cold. Variyali Sherbet not only helps with weight loss but also helps to detoxify the body, get rid of acidity and reduce stress.

This can be attributed to an endless list of antioxidants present in fennel seeds such as zeaxanthin, lutein, beta-carotene, chlorine, manganese, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and more, known to protect the body from oxidative stress and improve a human body’s metabolic rate.

Bottom Line-

In India, fennel seeds are quite common among humans as the seeds can miraculously cure an endless list of digestive symptoms including baby colic, intestinal gas, heartburn, and more. Since enjoying a hearty meal you can even use the seeds as a mouth-freshener. We can, therefore, see that fennel seeds offer a broad range of benefits which make it common among people.

So, the next time you’re thinking about incorporating a food item with multiple health benefits into your diet, you should consider fennel seeds as they would fit perfectly with your long-term or short-term health objectives.

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