Follow these 5 steps to improve the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

This article will guide you on what is Amazon BSR? And how to improve your BSR?

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Amazon sales rank, commonly known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR), is a calculation which is based on amazon sales that’s hourly updated for reflecting historical and recent sales of each item sold on the platform.

While the Amazon Best Sellers list is an excellent indicator of the selling overall of a product, it doesn’t always show the performance of an item among the other same items. The bestsellers lists of Categories and subcategories were made to show the rank of an item in the categories or subcategories where it stands out over the competition.

5 steps for improving BSR

Find what the competing BSRs are doing right

 Competitor research is an important tool for all Amazon advertising or marketing adventure, whether it is product description copywriting research or ad campaign keyword research. Use top-selling competitors for discovering methods of boosting the BSR. View Best Sellers list for the category and sub-category of your product.

View the top-selling items (or the items in competition) and have a look at their product listings.

Choose related categories and sub-categories

A significant part is played by the categories and sub-categories you decide in the Amazon BSR.

To get at top of the list of Amazon Best Sellers of your category and sub-category, you must choose the correct ones. The sub-category will usually give you most potential and value, as the categories have extremely high SMBs competition to compete.

Follow these steps to get most value from sub-category selection:

  • Select a potential sub-categories list for the products — focus on the most suitable ones
  • Search for niche categories that don’t have a lot of big competitors
  • Update the sub-category of your product.

Changing the sub-category is always an option, therefore experiment with some different options.

Create content

Generating content over your product adds some social proof too and enhances customer perception, eventually leading to higher sales.

Sales velocity matters

Keep in mind that increasing your sales only is not enough for getting a good BSR, the increase will have to surpass the sales of your competitors. Needless to say, however, if you are only getting to Amazon or are already on Amazon but not on FBA, using Amazon Prime and Amazon’s logistic services are great sales drivers. Another easy tweak of boosting your sales is competitively pricing your products.

Get good reviews for your product

Sales influence BSR, and a way of boosting sales is getting good customer feedback. This must go without saying, most best sellers on this marketplace also boast positive product reviews. Make sure to check out Zonbase Blog to learn all you need to know about BSR. A lot of sellers focus on sheer review amount, while it is all about those 5-star ratings for others. It won’t hurt having both.









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