How can you get a car loan at the best prices?

Car loan

A car loan is simply money borrowed from a lender to acquire a vehicle of one’s choice. Consumers could possibly get auto financing from banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) for used and new automobile loans. Vehicle loans are for sale to pretty much all passenger and commercial cars, from luxury sedans to hatchbacks. A vehicle loan is paid back with curiosity about Equated Monthly Payments (EMIs) within the loan tenure, a collection period of time.

Types of a car loan

  • New vehicle loan: A brand new automobile loan may be used to buy a completely new vehicle away from the showroom, as suggested by its name. Banks provide new vehicle loans with rates of interest varying from 9 to 14 % each year and loans varying in one to seven years. Most models and makes of recent cars are qualified for brand new vehicle loans.
  • Used Vehicle Loan: Banks and NBFCs offer used vehicle loans as much as 80%-85% from the car’s purchase cost at 12-18% p.a. for a financial loan term varying from 1 to five years. Second hand vehicle loans may be used to buy pre-owned or used cars for sale which are under 5 years old or under 10 years old.
  • Loan from the vehicle: When one is in desperate necessity of money, they are able to use their old vehicle as collateral to get the funds required to buy a new vehicle. This is called financing Against Vehicle. Some Indian banks provide a loan against a vehicle as high as Rs.10 lakh, or 100 % from the car’s worth, for a financial loan term of one to three years at mortgage loan of 14-15 % per year. For instance, for those who have a dreadful credit rating, you should use your old vehicle as collateral to obtain some much-needed cash in the bank.

How to apply for a car loan?

Trying to get a vehicle loan is straightforward, particularly when done online via a trustworthy 3rd party or even the bank’s website. You must submit earnings proof (the newest bank statements, last three months’ payslips, also it returns), age proof (birth record and tenth or twelfth school certificate), identity proof, and address proof (ration card/bills for example telephone or utility bill) towards the bank, plus a duly filled and signed vehicle application for the loan form. The financial institution will look into the applicant’s information and proceed using the application for the loan. The vehicle amount borrowed is going to be used in the applicant’s banking account when it’s approved.

Know how to use the car loan EMI calculator

The monthly payments you make to the lender to repay your loan are called EMIs, or car loan EMI calculator .The main amount and also the interest are incorporated during these installments therefore, EMI = Principal Amount   Interest on Principal Amount. A Vehicle Loan Repayment table represents your car loan’s periodic loan payback schedule. It has details about your vehicle loan repayments, such as the principal amount borrowed, EMI, interest payment, and also the balance after each EMI payment.


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