How Can You Make Better Use Of Your Bottle Return Depot

Bottle Return Depot

The bottle depot eliminates the hassle of sorting and counting empty beverage containers, making the process quick and straightforward. Customers can quickly dispose of their empty bottles and cans by bringing them in a bag to a bottle return depot in Calgary or the surrounding area. They’ll check your containers for refunds and add the money to your digital wallet.

What Are The Best Ways To Use Bottle Return Depot?

The Return-It service is at the heart of many depots since it facilitates physical separation by reducing customer interaction. It has resulted in more people using the bottle return depot. If you want to keep earning money every time you come, bring more unsorted containers the next time you’ve been contacted to collect your cash. Reading this post, find out what the bottle return depot is all about.

1.    Rinse Your Containers

Cleaning your empty beverage containers contributes to a cleaner and more welcoming Depot. Cleaning your drinking containers reduces bacteria and odour. Keep labels, tabs, and lids on plastic containers. While it is acceptable to smash plastic milk jugs, please do not crush cans or bottles; they must stay in their original state.

2.    Use Many Bags When Returning Heavier Items

Heavy or overfilled bags might burst open and are difficult to carry; as a result, the contents of your bag may be damaged or lost. It is too hefty if your bag contains more than twelve glass bottles. Please separate overfilled bags into two individual bags.

3.    Keep It Neat

Remove any plastic rings, carton boxes, and other unnecessary packing from your drinking containers. However, you should return beer bottles to the Depot in their original packaging. These cases are used by bottle recycling depots in Calgary or its surrounding for recycling or refilling.

4.    Containers Packaged In Clear Bags.

Almost every grocery store, medicine store, and hardware store sells transparent recycling bags and clear garbage bags. We recommend utilizing bags with a maximum capacity of 90 litres.

5.    Only Beverage Containers

Most Depots only accept empty beverage containers, except beer bottles that you can return in their original cardboard packaging. If the Depots do not provide recycling places for additional materials, such as trash bags and cardboard boxes, please take them with you when you leave.

6.    Size Is A Big Deal

Some Depots feature automated sorting systems that increase the efficiency of the process. Although pre-sorting your containers by size (1L or less or above 1L) or kind (glass, cans, etc.) are not essential, it can assist in shortening the waiting time at a Depot.


Bottle Depot offers payment for glass, bottles, cans, plastic bottles, and tetra packs. Using their computerized point-of-return system, the bottle depot Calgary or wherever you reside will provide you with the exact value of the products you present and speed up the procedure. Visit Bottle Depot to recycle empty beverage containers and receive cash. The majority of bottles and cans found in stores and liquor stores can be returned for a refund.




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