How do I know if my drinking water is safe?

How do I know if my drinking water is safe

You may compromise with the quality of food you are eating, but there is no scope to negotiate the drinking water quality. Every year millions of people are suffering from water-related diseases and many of the cases even lead to death as well. Unfortunately, most of the time, the tap water does not meet the required safety level. To stay safe, people now prefer to buy Water Purifiers Online so that they can get the assurance to drink water that is free from all contamination.

Many times we find unpleasant and pungent smell from the water. Sometimes the color of the water is not transparent as it should be. You can experience a different metallic taste from the water from the city’s supply. There is high scope of contamination in that water and it can make you sick in the long run. Moreover, the growing range of pollution makes the condition worst day by day.

In this scenario, it is very important to know the water you drink is safe, healthy and free from all pathogens or you need to buy Water Purifiers Online to remove all the impurities from the water.

Here are the factors by which you can check the purity of drinking water:

  • Check for cloudiness: This is considered as the rule of thumb for the purity of water. The safe water should be clean and transparent without any odor. The easiest way to find out whether the water is contaminated is to check the cloudiness or turbidity. Although the cloudy water is not necessarily dangerous for your health, it is a sign that there are chemicals or pathogens in the water.
  • Slimy feeling: After washing your hands with soap and water do you feel slimy? Or do you need more detergent powder to wash off the dirt from the clothes? It may be the sign of the presence of Flint residents in the water. All of those contaminations like magnesium and calcium make the water harder and often leave a white build-up of residue around the tap, sink, and faucets and even in tumblers.
  • Yellow or Orange Water: many people complain of getting yellowish or orange water that is a sign of the presence of Chromium-6 which is a cancer-causing agent. Apart from that, it is also an indication of different heavy metal build-ups like iron, manganese, lead, and copper. If the color of the water is orange or brown, then there may be excess lead, iron or manganese. Apart from that, there may be rust that will be a breeding place of bacteria.
  • Blue or Green Water: The corroded pipe can be the cause of the excess level of copper in the water and as a result; the color of the copper will turn into blue or green. Although a little amount of copper is good for health, if you consume it at a high level then it can cause anemia and liver and kidney damage.
  • Chlorine Smell: Chlorine is an important part of the water purification system as it is used to kill the germs and bacteria. However, a mix up with other organic compounds can result in harmful byproducts like trichloroethane (THMs) and halo acetic acids (HAAs).

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