How to Create an AR Game App in Unity Engine? 

How to Create an AR Game App in Unity Engine 

The gaming sector is one of the best sources of entertainment in today’s date. With the rise of smartphones and the advancement of technologies make game development tasks simpler for developers. Moreover, some games also enable people to make money by sitting anywhere. One such tool is the unity engine. Programmers highly admire it because of thrilling features that make it easy to design the AR games for different platforms.

Augmented Reality is one of the thrilling platforms that involve marvelous virtual world components to entice the players worldwide. There are various engines available to create such wonderful online games. Unity is one of the most loved game engines that offer myriad features for coders and programmers. It provides splendid functionalities such as sound effects, graphics, and lights that eventually make a game quite attractive. 

Two of the top-rated software kits that make the lives of developers easy are the ARCore and ARKit. AR Foundation allows ease of adding different elements for both the platforms, for instance, Android, Apple. 

Know more about developing AR game with Unity engine:

  • Initially, Unity has to be installed on the system: Once the game designer is done with downloading Unity, then he will have to go through the entire gaming engine to check the features included. Moving forward, developers will check different methods to create games for different platforms such as Android, iOs, or Windows, etc. After selecting the platform, then you need to click on Next on the engine. 
  • In the second process, AR foundation plays the role: When it comes to using Unity Game Engine, the second process is to opt for Unity Hub and opt for clicking the new project for beginning a new gaming procedure. The programmers have to choose the 3D option for creating an online game project. In the case of Augmented Reality technology, there are two important categories to opt from. For creating thrilling games for Android devices, ARCore XR Plugin is used by programmers. For creating incredible games for iOs devices, ARKit XR Plugin is the best for developers. Another major role is of Hierarchy in the Unity engine. The game designers have to choose either of the two categories: either the simple AR Session or AR Session with Origin. When the programmer chooses AR Session with the Origin option, then they can easily select from 2 parts: either AR with the Plane Manager or AR with the Raycast Manager. 
  • The third process is the favorite of all game developers. It is adding various scenes to make the game thrilling. There are wide-ranging scenes available as per the game for which designers have to include the scenes. Ultimately, it will grab the eyeballs of players instantly. In the next step, developers are required to choose from the list of platforms for which they have to add stunning scenes. Moreover, after including the scenes in 1 platform, programmers can switch the platform. 
  • In the fourth process, the main role is the placement indicator. This step has importance for editing different surfaces involved in an online game. While developing the online game, this feature is used for adding surface to numerous objects, components, etc. It can easily be dragged on the gaming project in this Unity engine. For checking all editing made in this step, developers have to check the Inspector platform. While creating online games in the Unity engine, programmers need to select the most appropriate surface that synchronizes well with the object depending on the color and texture of the object. 
  • In the fifth process, developers have to edit the object or material used in an online game. For this purpose, the shader is put to use by programmers. 
  • In the sixth process, comes the coding part. At first, developers have to select the gaming project which is going on and then choose the language that will be used for coding. This is also the easiest part of the Augmented Reality game development with Unity. Furthermore, here comes the role of AR Plane and Raycast, and designers can choose which they love the one which has more features. 

Creating the game for different platforms: 

For developing the online game for the ios platform, Xcode is essential to consider. To change the platform, the developer has to select build settings. In this step, there are jaw-dropping features that can make the game stand out. Camera, graphics, or the sound effects are included to thrill the players to bits.

For developing the online game for the Android platform, the XR plugin is vital. Here, the package name is given to the game developer, and this works as the unique number for the gaming app which the programmers are making. All the editing made in this segment is automatically saved in Assets. Later on, developers can make necessary adjustments to make the online game more enticing.

Final Words: 

So, now you might have got the idea of creating an augmented reality game with the Unity engine. Youth around the globe get engrossed while playing these games on their smartphone. Games have an essential part to play in the entire entertainment sector industry. Multifarious features included in the Unity game engine makes the AR game gripping for the players. People can enjoy playing online games during the weekend, or during break time at the office or at the time of holidays. 

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