How to Stay Independent as an Older Person

Stay Independent

As soon as you become a young adult, independence is likely something you aspire to have. After all, you want to be able to have as much responsibility over your own life as possible. This is something that remains with you all through your adult life. However, as you become older, this independence is often something that begins to slip away from you. As an elderly person, there are likely going to be more problems that you experience in your life. This can lead you to need more help, thus taking away from your independence. If you want to stay independent through your later years, there are some things you can do for that. Here are some suggestions that could help you.

Making Your Home Safe

Your home is somewhere you should always feel safe. However, when you get older, there could be more and more threats within your household. As you become more frail, there are elements of your home that could be hazardous. For example, if you live in a two-story house, getting up and down the stairs could be a struggle. You are going to want to try and reduce this risk by investing in a stair lift. This goes for any sort of threat your home might offer. Identify the source of the problem and see how you can resolve it. This can lead to some significant changes in your home; however, it will be worth it.

Being Able to Get Around

It is important that you are able to get around if you want to keep your independence. As you begin to deal with mobility problems and struggle with walking long distances, your independence can suffer. However, one way you can keep moving around on your own is with new powerchairs. These will allow you to move around freely both inside the house and outdoors. This is a great investment for keeping yourself independent.

Have a Routine

Keeping a routine is an important thing for everyone to do. Not only does it promote better mental health, but it is also going to keep your mind sharper as you grow older. This will then result in having some more independence in your life. So what kind of things should you incorporate into your routine? The likes of getting groceries, taking medication, exercising, and food preparation should all be things you consider. Of course, this can then vary based on your lifestyle.


If you want to be more independent as an older person, then keeping your physical health up is important. This means that you won’t be reliant on others for transport or any physical activities. The best way to be in better shape physically is to exercise regularly. This doesn’t mean that you have to go and join a gym or run 5km a day. Even short and simple exercises can make a massive difference to your physical being as an older person. Try to dedicate some time every day to light exercise.


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