How Voice Search Can Impact Your SEO? 

How Voice Search Can Impact Your SEO

Do you know what the new search standard is? Believe it or not, it’s voice search. Alexa, Siri, Bixby: Which of these AI assistants do you use? Search engines constantly update their algorithms to give more relevant results to the users upon search. The latest trend shows that most users now prefer doing a voice search than a type search due to convenience and faster results.

The new AI technologies are empowering the search engines. More users are now using the Internet to search for people, places, and information. The more the users, the more the benefit to businesses and brands.

How Does Voice Search Work?

It is a simple process. Just press the voice search button and speak as clearly as you can. The keywords will be picked automatically and the best and most relevant results will be shown to you. Talking about search engines, they prefer sentences and phrases (semantic search) instead of words during a voice search. If you ask something in a question form you are more likely to get an accurate answer. 

For the search engine, two things matter the most. First, it’s the search intent and second, the context of the search. For instance, if you search for “Which is the nearest ice cream parlor in Connaught place?” it will show the list of popular ice cream parlors near you.

3 Ways To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

It’s no secret that voice search is going to dominate in years to come. So it’s best to optimize your business so that you can get an additional source of traffic and have increased chances of showcasing your products and services.


  • Understand the purpose of voice search


Before you make optimizations, figure out what searches are common using this feature. It can be one of the following:

  • People looking for directions
  • Users making a call
  • Playing a song on YouTube 
  • Knowing a movie time

There are several more common searches. Thus, if you have a business that includes these common trends, optimizing for these should be your number #1 priority.


  • Use Q&A format


Try answering the “who, why, what, how, where” in your content. For instance, if a user is searching “where is Subway outlet in Chirle, Navi Mumbai then a customized answer in your webpage will increase your chances of occurrence in SERP.

You can also build a few Q&A pages on the website to promote the voice search traffic.


  •  Making web pages mobile-friendly


If you wish to be outstanding, your website must be responsive. Search engines prefer websites that are mobile-friendly. In case you don’t have a mobile-responsive site, get hold of a developer, and optimize your site today.

How Voice Search Will Impact SEO?

Go Local

The competition is fierce and therefore you must maximize your reach by optimizing your business locally. Register your business with Google My Business, do geo-tagging, and build a FAQ page inside the website. This will give you an edge in the local search.

Enhanced Mobile experience

Search engines believe in the mobile-first approach. It means that your website should be customized for mobile users more than laptop users since a huge user base is now using mobile phones. You must work on getting better navigation, aesthetics, and especially responsiveness for your website.

Your website should pass the radio test

If you want a search engine to show your business or brand in the top search position, your brand or business name should pass the radio test where the voice should pronounce the brand name correctly. Thus, name your business that is pronounceable.


Voice search is not going away anytime soon. It is easier to speak; the results are quick and voice search offers great convenience while drinking, working, walking, etc. Thus, if you have a business that needs SEO optimized content, you can hire SEO Content writing services who specialize in writing SEO-friendly content and promise results in the form of traffic, leads, and conversion. 


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