Is the customizable kitchen a need or a luxury?

Is the customizable kitchen a need or a luxury

Let’s remember that the two definitions of Kitchen Design differ. Yes, it appears to be costly because of the presence of a trendy modular kitchen, but the main reason is that you are selling one lump sum to one vendor for the all-inclusive kitchen including all the costs of Electric Chimney, Stove, sliders and shelves and, on the other side, you are wasting money on bits and pieces and, at the end of the day, you will see that the gap is quite small

Another big advantage of a modular kitchen design is that it is very functional and is designed to properly understand both the cooking and cleaning requirements where the cooking should take place, where the refrigerator will be kept where the utensils will be washed, as these are the three key elements in any kitchen. This also handles all the corners and uses the same for storage, waste container position, cylinders, etc.

The kitchen is designed around appliances like Kitchen Chimney and Built-in-Hobs, Ovens, Microwave and Dish Washers. This helps holds the kitchen smoke and grime-free, saving time in faster and hygienic utensil washing. And the inference is that Modular Kitchen is more of a necessity than a luxury, but it seems costly. So, getting comfort is still easier than the hassles which consume your resources and time.

Free from the myth that modular kitchens are pricey, Greco Modular Kitchen shows you why it is economical to perform a well-planned renovation. 

It is sad but true that a majority of India consider kitchen makeover very costly with new kitchens. As the truth is, a well-planned modular kitchen never slices very deeply through your pocket. Alternatively, it will save you money and resources in the medium run, in addition to looking fantastic. Were you conscious that there are many opportunities to retain the original items by reviving classics like backsplash tiles, chairs, and workstations?

And now is a great time if you are contemplating creating kitchen makeup but are always terrified to take the first move. Check out the following titbits from our experts informing you why mobile kitchens are an absolute requirement nowadays:

Efficient storage capability: 

Compact kitchens, by virtue of their limited space, demand ingenious storage solutions that maximize functionality. By adding custom RTA kitchen cabinets, you can easily optimize every inch of available space.

Bid farewell to the unpleasant exhaust fan: 

making sure that the cooking smoke has a decent escape of maximum suction power is relatively easy since the advent of the hob and chimney, thus bidding farewell to the loud exhaust fan. These days, a lightweight build is considered incomplete, with no chimney and hob included.

Budget it appropriately:

 Not all compact kitchen projects are costly. Based on your needs, you can also ask your interior decorator to advise you about the different economical modular kitchen models available. Only small modifications can modify the overall cost, such as installing a new glass door and modifying the countertop material. 

Modern-day cooking: 

Indian food is no longer confined exclusively to the job of a chef. For a kitchen-cum-dining space today, people are growing more comfortable. In this context, the notion of open kitchens, island kitchens, or breakfast-cum-bar counters has gained popularity.

In love with color: 

If your home decor’s vibrant side is stronger, don’t hesitate to introduce a little vibrancy to your kitchen space. The appealing color options that are accessible in modular kitchens are hard to reproduce and give a distinctive feel. You should choose from high-gloss laminates, template finishes, wood or acrylic finishes; there are big options in all groups.

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