LOL Worlds 2023 Qualified Teams

With the epilogue of the LEC Season Finals and G2’s Victory over Fnatic, the regional Leagues are officially over. This means that, like every year, the World Championship comes next!

With just a little over a month before the Worlds opening ceremony, the elite teams around the World need to start practicing and sharpening their gameplay as soon as possible. For Europe, being the last region to complete the regional Championship circuit, this is going to be a tall task.

Looking at the Asian Regions though, Asian Games are underway at the moment, and many of the Worlds attending players are busy competing there. That being said, one month of preparation is surely enough for most of these teams and players. For normal players who also want to try competing with the pros, you can check out LOL boosting service at U7BUY. These safe LOL boosting services are designed to help you level up your game and get a taste of what it’s like to play at a higher rank.

Worlds Format and Changes

This year the format has undergone many changes.

The Group Stage has been converted to a Swiss stage where teams will fight battles against foes of similar strength as this graph will show you.

As you can see at the start the first matches will be assigned randomly based on seeding and after that only teams with the same win/lose ratio will be able to play against one another.

When a team reaches 3 losses in the Swiss bracket they will be automatically eliminated from the tournament and when a team reaches 3 wins they will immediately reach the Knockout Stage.

The knockout stage remains the same this year as it has been the prior ones.

The teams that start in the Swiss stage will be from only 4 regions

South Korea’s LCK(4 teams)

1)The three-peat champions of Korea GEN G.

Following another finals win against T1, this time with a shocking 3-0 fashion, Chovy’s GEN G is ready to enter the Worlds Swiss stage as one of the favorites to win the tournament.

2)Historical T1.

The always-dominant force of Korea T1 has once again qualified to Worlds with the Greatest League of Legends Player of All Time Faker leading the ship as always.

Although so far the ship hasn’t sailed the smoothest this past Summer Season, Faker and his squad will surely find a way to be relevant in this international tournament just like they always do.

3)KT Rolster – A Breath of Fresh Air.

KT Rolster, the Korean powerhouse of the old days has not attended an international event for the past 5 years. Shocking as it may sound, they used to be favorites back in the day.

They have since made a comeback this year rocking a refurbished roster full with superstars like Kiin,BDD and Lehends.

4)Dplus KIA are back with the vengeance.

The 2020 Worlds Winners and 2021 Worlds Finalists could not miss out on Worlds, could they? The Legendary Jungle-Mid duo Canyon-Showmaker is ready to show the world what excellence  looks like.

China’s LPL(4 teams)

1)The perfect team JDG.

Already winning two LPL titles and one MSI trophy JDG is looking to do the unthinkable this year by winning all the tournaments they have entered setting an unprecedented record in the process.

Even though Ruler, Knight and Kanavi are attending the Asian Games, JDG is still the clear favorite this year for Worlds.

2)Runner-ups BLG.

Finishing second both in Spring and MSI and third in Summer, BLG is itching to show what they are made of in this year’s Worlds.

3)The team who surprised everyone LNG.

LNG’s playoffs run this Summer was almost immaculate. They started by beating Theshy’s team WBG in Round 3 following that up with a very narrow 3-2 loss to JDG that sent them to the lower Bracket.

But they did not falter. They came back swinging winning all their matches in the lower bracket to meet JDG in the Summer Finals where they still made them fight to the end with a nail-biting 5-game series.

They lost to JDG in the finals but they made sure to defeat EDG in the Regional Finals securing themselves a 3rd Seed for Worlds.

4)Entertaining WBG.

The Shy’s team never fails to amuse in the LPL. They are a team that on a good day can defeat JDG 2-0 but on a bad day they can lose 2-0 to the bottom team.

If they become consistent in Worlds we will see very impressive games.

Europe’s LEC(3 teams)

1)Europe’s Hope G2.

The most decorated western team in League’s history G2 is back in Worlds this year and a lot has changed since last year. This year G2 won 3 out of the 4 LEC titles and is looking better than ever.

With Caps and Mikyx in form, the hardened veterans are ready to prove the haters wrong. Brokenblade, Hans Sama and Yike were arguably the best in their roles respectively in the playoffs.

Expect to see them upset some Asian teams this year.

2)The first Champions Fnatic.

The LEC runner-ups showed a lot of wit once more with another miracle run this year going from a very small chance to make worlds all the way to the finals.

Trymbi and the new ADC Noah are probably the second best bottom lane in Europe and we expect to see some things from them this Worlds.

3)The modern LEC powerhouse MAD Lions.

They have made Worlds every single time since their inception back in 2019. The spanish organization has established their position as a top European team already and are looking to make a difference this year in Worlds.

North America’s LCS(3 teams)

1)The newest LCS Champs NRG.

None could predict that NRG would win the LCS this summer but despite that they still managed to pull through and defeat the heavy favorites C9.

With the core of CLG and some very smart changes, NRG managed to mend together and create a winning atmosphere that helped them take NA’s first seed.

2)The kings of NA Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 has been at the top of North America for the past 4 years and they stay relentless. This summer they lost the finals to NRG but that does not mean they are any less good.

Berserker is by far the best botlaner in North America and he alongside Fudge and the rest of the crew are a force that even Asian teams cannot ignore.

3)The half-Korean Team Liquid.

If you asked anyone at the start of this season who would reach worlds this year from NA, most people would include Team Liquid in their list.

With high expectations come high responsibilities though, and at the start of the season Team Liquid did not deliver. They did make a comeback towards the end of the season though and managed to grasp the 3rd seed from NA.

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