Obama criticises indirectly to Trump claiming most officials are not ‘even pretending to be in charge’

Obama criticises indirectly to Trump claiming most officials are not ‘even pretending to be in charge’

Comments of former US president Obama has surfaced. Obama this time takes to dig into efforts made by President Trump and his administration, in his usual way criticism blended with sarcasm.

Barack Obama, the former US president on Saturday, has attacked the now President Donald Trump by criticizing his impulse towards confronting the pandemic that has rocked the US. This attack by Trump created so much buzz as 2020 general electing is impending.

Obama has expressed grief and thus criticized claiming that the pandemic has entirely, ultimately ripped apart the curtain of perception that many of the in-charge administrators have knowledge of what they are doing. Noteworthy here is that the address of the president was streaming over the well. Most sarcastic of Obama’s speech was the statement when he stated that most of the in-charge officials are not even pretending to be on duty.

Other than this, Obama was quite silent throughout the pandemic that has rocked the US badly by affecting 1.4 million people and having taken more than 88,000 lives. Through a leaked call from 8th May along with a group of former officials from his administration team, Obama called the approach to counter the pandemic as ‘Chaotic disaster’, thus provoking the political war of words. However, he has refrained from making any direct attack on Trump.

On the other hand, Trump also has accused Obama of an uncertain crime that he calls ‘Obamagate. While being asked to explain more about the charge, Trump simply told the questioner that he knows the crime.  It’s being seen that Trump deliberately brings Obama into the picture in recent times. He has also poked to the speculative Democratic presidential candidate; Joe Biden (who has been the vice president also) has also criticized Obama for their act against Swine Flu in 2009, claiming the disease made the cupboards empty in the federal stock box meant for medical accessories.

Through his attack, Obama tried to leave a message for the graduates, boosting their confidence to grab the opportunities during unprecedented occasions.

Obama showed the concern claiming that the graduates are left alone to find their own way during the unprecedented pandemic and recession. It’s not a favorable time. Obama said this to graduates of more than 70 prominent black universities. Also, he made discussions about public health irregularities exposed by the pandemic and the recent firing on a 25-year-old black jogger named Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia by a white family.

Obama said that the pandemics of such highlight the political discrepancies against black communities. Obama stated that they witness this in the unequal effect of a pandemic on communities, very much like the way the black man from Georgia was attacked.

Apart from these, Obama was also scheduled to be part of the telecasted initiation of speech to address the graduates on Saturday evening.

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