Six Modern Wedding Theme Ideas to Choose From

modern wedding theme

Classic wedding functions are timeless and traditional but, understandably, some of us want our wedding events to look and feel different. A thematic wedding may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s getting more and more popular.

Here are some modern wedding theme ideas for the hip couple who want to make their wedding a joyful and memorable experience for everyone.

Minimalistic Wedding  

In the age of minimalism, less is more, which means no exuberant and over-the-top decorations, dresses and cakes. Minimalistic wedding functions with symmetrical layouts, with sophisticated ornaments and a defining color scheme, will make your wedding day memorable. Set your wedding function apart with geode, concrete or laser cut designs for your décor, centerpieces, and invitations. Let your centerpieces do the talking. Or opt for picturesque wedding destinations – add a few ghost chairs, an aisle, and a macramé and you are good to go. A breathtaking view is better than spending several bucks on extravagant props for your wedding.  


Small, intimate wedding ceremonies with a bohemian style are quickly becoming popular. The trend will continue in 2021 especially with romantic night time getaways and ceremonies. These with bold decorations, candle-lit dinner, table fabric runners and a mix of live music, dance parties, and creative artists will add more excitement to the party. Not only that dark-themed, moody photography and videography with a cinematic appeal are also becoming increasingly popular – especially with the latest trend of using dried flowers. The combination accounts for an edgy, yet chic affair.


2020 will be the year when the world and you will fully accept your uniqueness. Let that be known with your partner-in-crime with a wedding theme that defines the two of you. From the wedding dress to the décor to the food – make your fairy-tale moment come into the real world. Whether it is a pop-rock affair, a zombie apocalypse, a gothic party, a vintage retro setup or a punk rock party, do not hold back your imagination. Make your wedding party a fun, informal event with your closest friends and family. Whether you follow a theme or not, a classic alternate, modern wedding would have bride donning beautiful non-conventional dresses like jumpsuits and cocktail dresses. While the bridesmaids will be wearing dresses of different colors instead of wearing uniform hues and palettes – even tuxedos make for a creative twist ay alternative wedding.

Colorful and Whimsical

Add a splash of color to step away from the boring, monochromatic or conventional wedding themes. The modern style includes a dash of neon, bright popping colors and embroidery in darker hues. This color is not just limited to the backdrop and tablecloths – but even the bride must ditch the conventional white dress. Embrace darker colors seen on the ramp, like burgundy, violet, and indigo. Or subtly hues of salmon pink or rose gold. It can be a great idea to match the color theme with your ring or wedding dress color. Or you may opt or a rainbow-colored dress to go with your colorful, pop-art themed whimsical wedding.


Think of modern and organic wedding planned by environmentally-conscious individuals. Organic weddings are not only becoming popular because of the increasing concern and awareness but are endorsed by several wedding planners as well. The newest trend of using dried or bleached flowers has been eye-catching. Planning weddings at grand locations like Al-Maha Resort in Dubai, Overton, Nevada or Allenspark, Colorado is scenic locations with people dedicated to protecting the environment. You can enjoy your union while playing your part in protecting the environment. Team up with wedding designs, caterers and event planners to arrange an eco-friendly décor, cutlery, and outfits.

Destination Weddings

If you haven’t already caught up with the trend, it is about time destination weddings start becoming a norm. With several venues available globally, especially with complimentary deals for the newlyweds, people are eager to read their nuptials vows away from hometown. Make your wedding day a private, care-free affair with your loved ones at a getaway at palaces, natural beaches, highlands, waterfall or mountains.

Modern weddings will range from the extremes of extravagant and minimalistic. But the glamour of the wedding shall be limited to the venue or the destination – for gaudy events with unnecessary adornments are becoming a thing of the past.

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