Stay away from these common accounting errors

accounting errors

Just the thought of dealing with accounting makes many people shudder and instead of exploring the world of accounting and finding impeccable solutions, most of the people just try to skip it. And if you are running a business then it becomes crucial for you to make sure that you are practicing accounting in the most ideal way possible otherwise poor accounting practice can ruin the goals of your business and slow down the growth rate.

If you are able to identify and sort out the errors and problems in accounting at an earlier stage then it can turn out to be quite cheaper but that is not the case when you procrastinate the problem solving part and let the issue pile up. All the successful businesses out there have one thing in common, ideal accounting practices. And therefore, if you want to excel in your industry then you must make accounting inherent in the skills that you have mastered.

This blog post is intended to show you some of the common errors that you should avoid while dealing with accounting and it will help you in taking care of the accounting part easily and without any issues. 

Avoiding accounting procedures 

It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running or what is the growth rate of your business, you must build a detailed, formal, and documented procedure for managing the different aspects of accounting and bookkeeping services. One of the best approaches that you can use in this case is to set up and follow a standardized form and checklists. This simple approach can help you in improving both your consistency and accuracy while dealing with the books. 

You will need to collect all the necessary information of your vendors like address, phone number, Employer Identification Number, and much more and then you have to feed this information into the accounting software for making payments. In addition to this, you must have a written policy for all the vendors and a policy that all the workers can follow without any confusion.

Ignoring omission errors

Whether you are collecting payments from consumers or just buying inventory, you are always dealing with different types of transactions on a daily basis. Well, this inflow and outflow of cash at times can result in some firm activities slipping through the cracks.

You should know that the moment you miss recording a transaction, it gets converted into an omission error. You should know that if the list of unrecorded transactions will keep increasing then it can lead to many different kinds of problems while the inaccurate economy can cause a problem when you will start measuring the profitability of your company. In addition to this, it can cause problems while filing taxes as well.

To get rid of this common error, you must include minor expenses in the suitable accounts and you should never forget to maintain a proper receipt for it. Along with this, you should start using accounting solutions like QuickBooks in the cloud as well. 

Thinking profits are always cash flow 

You secured a deal of $20,000 and it will take around 2 months for your company to fulfill the project. It is going to cost you around $10,000 to fund the entire project and therefore, you simply book a profit of $10,000 before even starting the project.

Well, this is a completely wrong approach. What if the 2 months that you have decided for the project get extended to 4 months because of some issues? Well, then your overall funding of the project will increase and this will reduce the profit.

There is no denial in the fact that it is always tempting to include every deal as profit in the books. But you should know that this is the biggest mistake that you can make while dealing with books. This type of approach might make your company look healthier than it really is and this can create a lot of issues. 

Not taking bookkeeping seriously 

Another big mistake that most of the small business owners make is not taking bookkeeping seriously and this can create a lot of problems for your business. Instead of showing an aversion to bookkeeping, you should understand the fact that accounting starts with recording everything.

From small transactions to bigger payments, from clients to customers, it is necessary to ensure that everything is recorded otherwise your books will start lying about your financial health. It doesn’t matter how small your company is, you should always take bookkeeping seriously and you should start using powerful accounting software solutions like QuickBooks cloud hosting services.

By practicing accounting with the right approach, you can do wonders to your business and therefore, you should always try to stay away from the mistakes mentioned in this blog post.














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