The Ultimate Guide to Vlog Editing for Beginners

The growing presence of vloggers online has demonstrated that recording your unique vlogs can not only be a fun project but also a lucrative source for earning money. And for your vlog to receive views, likes, or even a viral status, they must match specific criteria.

Video editing is among the most critical aspects of making vlogs. Using a video editing application may help you create a polished, and better appearance for your vlogs, which will help your platform reach new heights. You may use video editing software to improve your recorded clips by adding transitions, zooming in and out, graphics, pictures, and text, and adding other sound FX. This article will go over what it takes to start and post your vlogs.

How to start a successful vlog?

Anyone can start capturing their lives with a camera or smartphone. However, some aspects should be incorporated for a vlog to be entertaining and stand out in a crowded market.

 1. Create a target focus for your vlog

It’s critical to determine who you’re recording for and what audiences will be engaged in your vlog before you begin filming. Choose a target audience to make videos that will bring value to the lives of those who watch them. There’s a vlog for everyone, from food reviews to home decor, cosmetic instructions, gaming, exercise, and even cleaning videos. Make sure you’re enthusiastic about the subject you’ve chosen so that your viewers enjoy watching it.

 2. Plan out your vlog story

Before beginning to shoot, creators should decide what will be included in the vlog. If there is no concrete strategy for what will be captured, the vlog may end up being muddled and sloppy, and editing may take much longer than anticipated.

A great vlog usually has a pre-planned substance with a start, middle, and finish. Develop a direction for your vlog and a basic understanding of how it will play out. Viewers will be enticed to subscribe or follow your vlog if the concept is intriguing.


3. A strategy to start

Start by jotting down a few story concepts you’ve just come up with, and then a couple of pieces with how you’ll present them visually. B-roll may add value to your video with very little work. Making a basic framework with essential topics and pictures might help your vlog reach new heights.

Film your video in chronological sequence so that you don’t have to reorganize the segments on the timeline when you upload it to any online video editor you will use. After you’ve edited a couple of videos, don’t be afraid to switch up the format of your vlogs during the week.

How to edit your vlog using editing software?

You can start to edit your vlog once you’ve prepared the material and filmed it. Use this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create vlogs like an expert.

Step 1: Organisation

To begin, start collecting and arranging your material, it’s important to have a rough notion of what the film will look like in our heads. This step simplifies the remainder of your editing by making it easier to find and rearrange clips. Organizing the footage you want to utilize in a file not only helps you manage it but will also aid in developing a movie concept in your brain.

The most efficient strategies to arrange your media files are by using labels or folders. Sort and arrange relevant videos in your library into folders. You should label folders so that you can quickly locate certain videos when you’re looking for them.

The objective is to be able to skim through the clips quickly and look for relevant information. Finally, choose the naming and labeling system that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Cut the excess

After organising, the first thing you should do is go through all of your films and ‘trim the fat,’ that is, delete any unnecessary, uninteresting, or low-quality content from your vlog. It would be easier to edit your vlog if you can cut as much as possible.

After you’ve categorized your footage, browse through your content, removing any unnecessary, irrelevant, or badly recorded content from your vlog. It would be easier to edit your vlog once you trim it. Those few seconds or minutes you could shave off each clip will pile up, and you’ll end up with something much easier to manage.

Step 3: Music choice

Music is an essential component of every video, especially one shared on social media. A well-chosen soundtrack may assist in keeping viewers captivated and intrigued. Incorporating music now will also aid in the development of a mental image of how you’d want the vlog to look.

With such a short attention span, it’s critical to keep the audience engaged, which music enables you to do with ease.

The simplest approach to choosing music is to limit your options to five and listen/watch the film at the same time. Royalty-free and copyright-free music is available all over the internet, but many popular tracks can also be utilized on applications like Instagram and YouTube with approval.

Using music in the background for each scene can also assist you in determining how quick every frame should be. You can maintain a constant pace in your vlog and obtain a clear feel of how the video should be put up by trimming to a tempo.

Step 4: Create a story

You now have everything you need to turn your footage into a great vlog. Consider scene transitions, the use of graphics, Special FX, and Audio FX as ways to help you tell your story. There is no definitive structure for this, so do what feels right to you. You have a basic foundation and an overall notion.

To begin, rearrange the film and layer the necessary B-roll over the A-roll to add life and character to your vlog. Afterward, use any supporting footage or clips you have to enhance the viewing experience for the viewers.


Filming and editing a vlog may feel like a monumental task, but focusing on the fundamentals and taking it step-by-step will help ease the burden of shooting and editing the vlog, which could make the entire process fun and exciting. Using our guide, you’ll be able to master the basics in no time and remember to just have fun with it.




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