Things to Do on Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham

Like something you’d see on a postcard, Mount Hotham has stunning views in every direction and activities to match the needs of most people. While most think of skiing, there’s plenty you can do on Mount Hotham, and it’s just waiting to be explored today. Here are some of the most exciting activities on Mount Hotham!

Husky Sled Dog Tours

Want something for the whole family to enjoy? Want a romantic memory that you and your partner can remember for many years? Well, lots of people find both with the husky sled dog tours. With Siberian huskies leading the way, you’ll travel along the backcountry trails around the area. What better way to sit back and soak up the amazing views and atmosphere on Mount Hotham?


Sadly, some people avoid Mount Hotham because they think they need to be excellent sportspeople with Winter Olympics potential. In reality, even those who don’t do much beyond country walks will fit in on Mount Hotham. With snowshoeing, that’s exactly what you’ll do. The only difference? You’ll be walking with snowshoes on rather than your standard trainers.

Whether you want a short walk before lunch or to explore for the full day, just choose the trails that match your needs. Bring a backpack, pack your camera and some refreshments, and just walk – it’s as easy as that.

Snow Play

For those with small children, you’ll love the areas dedicated to tobogganing and snow play. In the future, your kids won’t be able to stop thinking about the time they went on the mini luge toboggans and spent the afternoon playing in the snow with their siblings and amazing parents. In fact, you’ll even find mini snowmobiles for children these days.

Snow Dome Stay

If you’re looking for a romantic overnight stay on Mount Hotham, you’ll struggle to compete with the snow domes and igloos. After snowshoeing to a quiet location, you’ll sit down for a nice meal with your partner before then settling for the evening in an igloo or snow dome. Some tour companies even take you on a snowmobile tour in the morning just to finish the experience.


That’s right – you might be in the snow and surrounded by elegant views, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some shopping. As well as snowboarding and skiing equipment, you’ll find shops selling luxury clothing and other items, similar to those found on the Alpine Beach website. Just because you’re on Mount Hotham, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some retail therapy while away from home.

Visit a Spa

If you want to experience complete relaxation as opposed to snowy activities, the next option would be to visit a spa. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the world with advanced treatments. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in a state of pure bliss rather than the typical worry of work deadlines and bills.


As we go back to the activities, some people will want to complete a biathlon while on Mount Hotham, and this is another option. For those unaware, a biathlon combines target shooting with cross-country skiing. As well as your endurance and mental toughness, biathlons test your hand-eye coordination. Mount Hotham is home to the Hotham Biathlon Arena where thousands of people each year take on this challenge. In fact, this is the only biathlon range in Australia.

As you can see, there’s plenty to see and do on Mount Hotham whether you want to exercise, relax, or spend quality time alone, with a partner, or with family!

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