Tips to Control Pests Inside Your Home

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Very few homes are protected against pests. From rodents such as mice and rats to insects like bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawly beings like centipedes, and spiders, the number of pests that can infiltrate your living spaces is quite jarring. Many enter into your abode through cracks and crevices in the building’s foundation or structure, whereas others get in via windows and doors that are not properly sealed.

Most pests harangue your home in search of shelter, food, or both. But, regardless of why they enter your hose, pests are a nuisance that must be curbed at all costs. From deteriorating the appeal of your abode to making annoying noises and posing serious health risks, the reasons to opt for timely pest control are many. In this blog, we will check out some easy-peasy ways to prohibit the proliferation of pests inside your home.

Six Simple Steps to Control Pests Inside Your Home

1.    Seal All Possible Gaps and Entry Points

The first thing you must do to control pests inside your home is seal all the possible entry points and gaps, such as cracks, crevices, folds, or gaps under the windows and doors. Mice, bugs, and other pests love small holes, so close them or use the right sealants to deny them entry into your precious abode.

2.    Use Herbs

If you are tired of mosquitoes invading your backyard or infiltrating your living spaces, there is a simple solution. Burn some rosemary or sage to keep mosquitoes away naturally.

3.    Store Food in Airtight Containers

The third thing you can do to keep pests at bay is store your food in airtight containers. Moreover, try to avoid food spillages in the kitchen to prevent pest infestation. If a spillage occurs, clean it up as soon as possible.

4.    Repair Torn or Faulty Screens

Window screens, mosquito nets, and other similar barriers offer robust protection against pests. So, if these barriers have minor defects, then repair them immediately. But, if their condition is beyond salvageable, consider getting replacements to keep your precious home pest-free.

5.    Use White Vinegar to Deter Ants

A second ant from a colony can follow a track to a meal. Make an organic solution of white vinegar (¼ cup), water (2 cups), and 10 drops of eucalyptus oil or peppermint to eliminate the trail. It can help deter ants and get rid of other pests, as well.

6.    Opt for a Reliable Sarasota Pest Control Service

Finally, if your home’s pest infestation is out of control, call the pros. A reliable Sarasota pest control service will utilize current methods and technologies to exterminate pests and prevent future infestations.

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