Top 5 Tips To Make Your Remote Team Look More Professional

Remote Team Look More Professional

Many companies will use a virtual office background for teams to make the group look connected. A uniform look can help boost camaraderie, but what else can you do to make a remote team look more professional?

When people work from home, they often feel like they can be more relaxed, which can alter standard decorum. If you want to ensure your team looks and acts more professional, you should focus on incorporating a few activities and rules.

1. Displaying Company Logos

When companies allow remote work, they should incorporate their logos in the remote work environment. In-house systems should have branded dashboards and system elements. If your company uses Zoom, look to customize Zoom background settings so you can install a company logo.

The brand logo and its colors help ground remote workers. It acts as a constant reminder that the work they do is for the company and its culture.

virtual office background

2. Using Virtual Backgrounds

Beyond installing a logo in the Zoom background, you can also encourage the use of virtual environments, which help block out personal spaces. Some team members may feel uncomfortable allowing the entire team to see their living or working space. Also, some team members may work in visually distracting settings. A virtual background can help eliminate all distractions while maintaining privacy.

You have many choices when looking for appropriate backgrounds. You can choose from solid colors to actual virtual offices, like board rooms. You want to select something that each team member can use.

3. Enforcing a Dress Code

Outward appearance is part of looking professional. Do not allow casual or recreational clothes during virtual or remote meetings. Develop a dress code that dictates appropriate attire for meetings and client calls. All team members should also refrain from wearing dress clothes on top and loungewear on bottom. Webcams can see more than you think.

4. Encouraging Active Participation

A professional remote team is one that actively participates in team meetings and interactions. While free Zoom backgrounds help with outward appearances, participation demonstrates professionalism in performance.

Encouraging participation is easier said than done, but it is possible. You can assign meeting presentations to different members of the group. Ask for project updates from each member.

You cannot forget to include praise. Participating in team meetings can feel vulnerable, so always show support and appreciation for your team members.

5. Focusing on Accountability

Professionalism is also about performance. Team members must pull their weight and show their worth. Each team member proves themselves through accountability, remaining truthful to their word, and completing tasks on time.

Accountability and discipline go hand in hand. As a team leader, you need to find ways to enforce actions, to ensure performance and quality standards.

Are you building a new remote team? If so, managing and ensuring professionalism within the group is challenging. Talk to a remote work consultant to learn more tips and tricks. The professional can offer more specific advice for building out a team and ensuring its success.

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