Is Virginia Solar Power Right for You? Here Are 5 Ways to Tell

Virginia Solar Power Right

It looks like in just a few decades, most American utility companies will be using renewable energy sources. In Virginia, all utility companies will be required to use renewable energy by 2045.

Is it worth investing in solar energy before that point, though? We’re going to take a look at a few signs that it may be time to use Virginia solar power.

Hopefully, the ideas below will tell you whether or not it’s the right decision for you to start using solar energy. Let’s take a look.

  1. Your Electric Bill is Too High

If you’re feeling like your energy bill is higher than it should be, it’s worth looking at solar panels. Not only do solar panels recoup their investment in a few years, but they also allow you some great advantages if you live in Virginia.

In particular, Virginia offers an exciting tax credit to those who invest in solar energy. This is the last year that the state plans to offer the incentive, but those who install panels in 2021 will receive a 22 percent tax credit for the cost of installation.

  1. Property Taxes

There are also advantages to those who would like to pay less in property taxes.

Several Virginian counties offer property tax exemptions and write-offs for those who use solar energy. What’s more is that these exemptions last for five years after you install the panels, and could last longer depending on the county you live in.

  1. Energy Credits

Another exciting opportunity is something called “renewable energy credits.”

Virginia’s push to increase energy independence requires big companies to make serious changes to their production practices. In all likelihood, many of them won’t be able to meet the standards set forward by the law.

If your solar production exceeds your home’s needs, you can use that excess to earn renewable energy credits. The value of that credit isn’t yet decided, but it can be bought by companies that don’t meet their production standards.

So, you might be able to make a good deal of money off of your solar panels if you manage to produce more than your home needs.

  1. You Are Environmentally Conscious

When you look at the scientific evidence, there isn’t any way to justify the use of fossil fuels. Sure, things need to shift gradually in the direction of renewable energy to maintain some of the systems and modes of production that exist right now.

That said, the individual can make the change at any time and make a marked improvement to the environment.

The energy from the sun is free, everlasting, and doesn’t do any damage to the environment. The extraction, transportation, and use of fossil fuels contribute heavily to climate change.

  1. You Own an Electric Car

If you own an electric car, you can effectively power your entire life with solar panels. The energy you produce from solar energy can be used to charge your electric car in addition to your home.

Just talk to your solar installers about how to incorporate a car charger and you’ll be on your way.

In this way, you’re reducing energy and fuel costs a great deal. You’re also doing wonders for the environment. In many ways, solar panels are a no-brainer.

Want to Learn More about Virginia Solar Power?

Figuring out how to incorporate Virginia solar power can be tricky at first. The process is simple, though, and it’s not too tough to learn how it works.

We’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas on solar power, installation, benefits, and much more.

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