What Happened to Mike Hellman Street Outlaws ?

what happened to mike hellman street outlaws

Mike Hellmann, a key contributor to the Discovery series Street Outlaws, served as a respected producer on the show. Explore “What Happened to Mike Hellman Street Outlaws” as his recent passing left a void deeply felt by colleagues who cherished him. Hellmann played a pivotal role in revitalizing and nurturing the culture of street and drag racing, making it relevant for a new generation.

Within Pilgrim, Mike Hellman held the role of production manager, recognized for his unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic. He consistently went the extra mile to surpass expectations, earning admiration from coworkers for his positive attitude and readiness to lend a hand whenever needed.

Beyond the confines of the production world, Mike had a passion for music, often showcasing his talents on the piano or through his singing in his leisure time. A book enthusiast, he was frequently spotted with a book in hand, exemplifying his love for literature. Known for his kindness and compassion, Mike was always ready to extend a helping hand to those in need.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Mike Hellmann was a devoted father and husband, as well as a loyal friend. His absence leaves a profound impact, and he will be dearly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

What Happened to Mike Hellman Street Outlaws

Mike Hellmann Passed Away In An Accident, Crash Details

Fellows was in a race on Street Outlaws: Fastest in America, hosted by JJ DaBoss. Sadly, he lost control of his car near the end, and it caught fire. The crew couldn’t reach him in time.

We don’t know why he passed away yet. A post on Facebook remembered Mike Helmann, also known as Fireball Camaro, saying he was not just a great producer but also a wonderful friend. He knew how to make things better when times were tough.

Other Street Outlaws members also shared kind words about Helmann. This sad news comes shortly after Street Outlaws driver Ryan Fellows passed away in an accident near Las Vegas.

On Facebook, Swanstrom shared memories of Helmann, saying he always cared for everyone, took breaks with friends, and gave good advice. We’ll miss his presence and guidance.

Age of Mike Hellmann

Mike Hellmann, the producer of Street Outlaws, passed away at the age of 40.

Details about his birthdate and birthplace are not widely available online. However, some articles suggest that he was born on January 18, 1982, and he passed away on August 11, 2022.

In August 2022, Michael was laid to rest in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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