What is Lion’s Breath?

Lion's Breath

Lion’s breath is a style of breathing exercise that works by focusing on specific breathing motions while sticking out your tongue and releasing a sound that sounds a bit like a roar. While this may sound like a silly practice, it is known to have a variety of healing and calming results that release toxins from your body, increase lung capacity and stimulate chest movements. Lion’s breath is an incredible breathing exercise to repeat on a daily basis and has been known to alleviate stress, help you to sleep better and even lower blood pressure. Many people practise the lion’s breath breathing technique whilst doing yoga!

Why Should You Practice Lion’s Breath?

Doing lion’s breath breathing exercises has a number of benefits that should be considered if you are looking to include it in your breathwork or yoga workout! Lion’s breath has been known to help in relieving stress and can even help you to get a better night’s sleep. Lion breath benefits have also been connected to the improvement of one’s lung capacity and it is often recommended that those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory deficits partake in this form of breathwork! The position your body rests in and the deep and open way that oxygen enters and exits from the mouth help to provide your lungs with more air.

How to Do Lion’s Breath?

When looking at how to do lion’s breath, it is important to first find a comfortable position to sit, in an area where you feel relaxed. To properly open up your airways, you should lean forward with both your knees and your hands planted firmly on the floor. You can then take a deep breath in through your nose and open your mouth as wide as possible, sticking your tongue out towards your chin. Exhale with force, pushing the air along your tongue and out of your mouth. As you exhale, force an ‘Ahh’ sound out of your mouth, this further releases the air and contracts your lungs. You should feel a bit out of breath for a few moments, so remember to breathe in and out normally before beginning the process again!

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