10 Aspects of SEO that can bring you success

10 aspects of seo

Search Engine Optimization may not appear as glittery as it was a decade ago; it still is the most shining element of the digital marketing mix. The current and aspiring SEO professionals need to have the soaring skill and appropriate knowledge of every aspect of SEO to master the trade.

Even the seasoned veterans and the best SEO agency in London can tell you how important it is to continue with the process of learning and keep up to the changes in the industry.

The time and dedication you will put in the process of learning will make you proficient in every technical aspect of SEO including content optimization and marketing.

10 SEO aspects professionals should excel in

We have listed the 12 different SEO areas where every professional should excel in.

  1. Research your audience used

To be only Keyword Research earlier has now changed to Keyword research plus demographics plus psychographics. Customer journey is considered as the most important part of Search Engine Optimization. Resonate through all the three ways to reach the ultimate goal of engagement, sale, and leads. SEO company in London should master the art of focusing on business goals and the path to reach the end target.

  1. Research your competitors

Abiding the best practices and looking inward at your website cannot produce desired results. Every SEO professional should excel in the skill of profiling your competitor’s website and brands. The competitor externally, manually and via tools will help you to determine where they are driving traffic and website rankings.

  1. Web analytics

Professional should be capable of analyzing the performance of his efforts. It will help you in two ways:

  • You will understand if your strategies are working or not.
  • ting your efforts to your accountable stakeholders.

It should be a goal to be proficient with Google Analytics. The additional customizations and analytic data will give you a complete picture of searcher intent, different personas, and attribution models.

  1. Tracking

Professional is the point person to ensure the proper implementation of tracking spirits and pixels. The knowledge of analytics, heatmaps, Google Tag Manager and other tracking mechanisms is a must.

  1. Indexing

Seems indexing has lost its significance in the present time but, it is not true. Earlier Google used to take much longer time to crawl the content and go live but, with the increased speed of Google, professionals have stopped paying attention to indexing.

It is important to understand how indexing works as the knowledge will help you to make troubleshooting and strategic actions as per requirement.

A website with an extra level of complexity requires the implementation of specific strategies including canonical use, crawl budget, robots commands and many more.

  1. International SEO

SEO professionals ignore or gloss over the prospect of international SEO. You may not have access to international websites, but it is important to master the basic knowledge of the trade:

  • Ents regarding top-level domains, hosting and hreflang tags.
  • The international versions of search engines. The languages for international versions of websites differ.
  1. HTML

HTML has lost its significance with now but, a basic knowledge of HTML is still required. It will help you to handle troubleshooting issues. Also, it will enable you in diagnosing issues with duplicate tags, tracking script implementations and collaboration with AJAX, JavaScript and other conversation aspects of the website.

  1. Local Search

Need for local listings and local search optimization may depend on the size of the organization but the SEO professional should be able to handle it. It is important to master the entire guide to local SEO.

  • The full local search ecosystem.
  • king factors.
  • Ance of Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) data.
  • How the process of claiming and management process works?
  1. On-page SEO

SEO professional should have a solid grip on every on-page factor including tags. Every page should have a tag and every tag should be unique.

  1. Link building

Website owner wants content that attracts link naturally but, that doesn’t diminish the value of backlinks. Your link building strategy has a direct effect on your rankings.

Focus on links holds back the authority of your website. To master the overall optimization strategy, you should have full-grasp on link quality and strategies. Always remember quality matters over quantity.


Your list of mastery will keep expanding until the landscape of SEO keeps evolving. The aspects of SEO that are less talked hold equal importance. Even the most complex aspects of SEO cannot be abandoned.

It will help you serve your clients with the latest techniques.

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