What Will Be The Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy Of The International Franchises


The franchise industry is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. With this continuous growth, the competition is increasing as well. To stand out in this tough competition, the International Franchising are relying on digital marketing. This new-age marketing technique helps you to reach more audiences and earn more revenue without much investing.

To move away with the new strategy, here we will discuss some excellent digital marketing plan that will affect your franchise business in a positive way.

As per the study, we can see that 55% of lead generates from social media and 39% comes from SEO and PPC service for the franchise business. This helps us to understand the importance of digital marketing.

Challenges: Just like every other plan, the digital marketing strategy for the International Franchising also comes with some sort of challenges. The main problems of the franchise business are to generate quality leads, enough budget to support new ideas, time to manage everything, budget for employees, strategy to convert the lead into customers and finally marketing expertise and guidance.

To overcome all of the challenges, here are the robust strategies that will help you to win the game.

Local SEO: Although most of the international franchises are known to the local market, the importance of local SEO is no less here. From searching the business in the Google Map to call the business directly over phone calls for service. To boost your local SEO, you have to start with keyword research, check the NAP on the website and create original and interesting content that is customized as per the location.

PPC Service: To reach potential customers, the Google Ad Campaign is another important tool. Around 46% of people don’t understand the difference between organic and paid search results and click on the links that come in the search result. To impress the customers, you have to create high-quality content and optimize the landing page as well.

While the cost per lead will increase, the cost per lead for high-quality lead will be decreased. The click-through rate will also go down certainly. Here are some excellent strategies followed by the Pay Per Click Services India that will change the paradigm of your business.

Specific keyword: The keywords are the backbone of any SEO as well as PPC campaign. This is the age of long-tail specific keywords that are better for targeting. Along with that keep in mind whether your keywords are coming from an exact match or broad match that will limit your lead.

Customized Landing Page: The landing page for the PPC campaign should be designed only for the target customers; not for all. In case you are dealing with B2B clients, you should follow this guideline.

Content Marketing: The consumer feels positive after reading custom content about the business. Try to add a personal touch in your content marketing strategy and also use visual content to impress the customers.

Target Form: If you find out that the form is filled up with low-quality leads, you need to increase the fields. In this way, only the interested people will fill the form so that the real conversation will start.

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