10 Things You Need to Follow to be a Healthy Person


The journey to fitness and good health can be long and even overwhelming sometimes. But it can become easier if broken down into smaller and simpler steps. If made a part of daily routine, healthy habits can help live more prosperous, longer, and healthier lives. Routine health checkups are imperative to nip the evil in the bud. You can easily modify the risk factors of many illnesses when you take quick action. For that reason, you can easily find a doctor in Calgary and other areas.

Ten Things to Stay Healthy

Here are a few suggestions on making small changes in your lifestyle and adopting healthy habits.

1.    Go to bed at the same time

Sleep is considered the third pillar of health. Research has shown that not getting enough sleep can cause adverse health effects. It is essential for all the health-related aspects, from mood to weight and even the immune system. One of the easiest ways to get enough sleep is to set a bedtime. Sometimes it is challenging to stick to it, and one should forgive themselves in such a situation. However, make a point to try to stick to your bedtime.

2.    Have Breakfast

It is important for various reasons. It jump-starts the metabolism and prevents overeating later in the day. Furthermore, many studies have shown that adults who take a healthy breakfast perform better at work and children who take a morning meal score better on tests. If you can not eat a big plate first thing in the morning, you can keep it light with a piece of fruit or some nuts with milk. The point is not to skip it. If you often feel heartburn when waking up in the morning, it is wise to find a doctor accepting new patients in Calgary or whatever your city is, and get yourself checked.

3.    Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals can help save time and money. Take some time and sit down to think about your needs and goals. Do you need to reduce weight? Do you want to cut down on your sugar, fat, and carbohydrates?  Do you need to add proteins or vitamins? Whatever it may be, meal preparation can keep you in control because you become aware of what and when you are eating. A bonus point is, it will be much easier to skip those crisps during work breaks.

4.    Drink a Lot of Water

It not only keeps you hydrated but may also help in reducing weight. Fizzy and sugary drinks can cause obesity and diseases such as type 2 diabetes. If you do not like to take plain water, you can add lemon, orange, or cucumber slices to add flavor.

5.    Take an Exercise Break

Do not just grab another cup of tea or coffee; get up and move. Do some stretches or squats. It’s great for your physical and mental health. Taking a walk for 30 minutes can keep you fit and healthy and manage your stress. If you cannot exercise in one go, split it into short bursts. That will help too.

6.    Go Offline

Do you check your social media and email every now and then? Definitely, your family’s and friends’ updates are just a click away, but do you really need to stay updated all the time? Let them wait until the next morning. Set a time to go offline and put your phone aside. When you cut down on screen time, you get some time to do other things that might be more meaningful and helpful for you. Go for a walk, read a good book, or help your mother in chopping those vegetables for dinner tonight.

7.    Learn Something New

Learning new skills helps in keeping your brain healthy. It also engages you in productive work. Sign up for a music class or a swimming course. You can also register to learn a new language. This sort of mind engagement may slow down the signs of aging and may even delay the symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

8.    Quit Smoking

If you are a habitual smoker, just quit. While it may sound totally impossible in the beginning, it is a big step toward better health. It will boost your immunity, and your body will thus repair itself quickly. Your blood pressure and heart rate drop as soon as 20 minutes after your last cigarette. Why should you wait then? Kick the habit right now. Find a doctor in Calgary or whatever your city is to help you quit smoking.

9.    Train Your Muscles

Strengthening exercises help your body in trading fat for muscle mass. This means that you will burn more calories even if you are not very active otherwise. Such workouts can help in strengthening your bones and muscles and also in increasing body endurance. Weight-lifting, lunges, and push-ups are common examples of strength training exercises, which you should do at least twice a week.

10. Stop over-worrying

Being a type-A person, you may worry a lot. But the fact is, worrying is not actually an action. It is just getting something in your head and creating a mess of worst-case scenarios that are rarely productive and often do not happen. Instead, try to focus on the present. In a worrying situation, maintain a perspective and consider what is likely to happen. Always have confidence that you will be able to make it through at the end.


Plan to live an active, healthy, and prosperous life. It is not impossible when you rule out the possibilities of illnesses by making small but crucial changes in your lifestyle. Keep yourself hydrated, eat healthy food, exercise, and find a doctor in Calgary or elsewhere to get yourself checked for possible risk factors.


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