3605239052: Beware of Fake Police Charity Calls


The phone number 3605239052 is flagged as a robocall engaged in a deceptive police charity scam. This article offers a detailed summary of the information available regarding this number and the associated robocall scam.

Overview of 3605239052 Robocall Scam

The number 3605239052 has been linked to robocalls posing as police charities. These automated calls, falsely attributed to the non-existent “Police Coalition of America PAC,” solicit donations. It’s crucial to note that the mentioned PAC is entirely fictitious, fabricated by scammers aiming to trick individuals into contributing funds. Vigilance is advised to avoid falling victim to this deceptive scheme.

Information about the Robocall from (360) 523-9052

The automated message originating from 3605239052 adheres to a script similar to the following:

“Hello? Hello. This is the Police Coalition of America PAC. I’m sure you’re aware, in the last couple of years, the number of violence.”

The call is brief, lasting approximately 11 seconds, characteristic of illicit robocalls that aim to swiftly deliver their deceptive message before the recipient terminates the call.

Call Frequency and Record

Data accumulated on this phone number reveals a total of 143 calls originating from this deceptive police charity robocall line. The latest reported robocall activity from this number took place on January 25, 2024. Nevertheless, it’s conceivable that more recent scam calls might have transpired subsequent to this date.

Identifying 3605239052 as a Fraudulent Robocall

In the age of technology, distinguishing a fake number becomes relatively straightforward. Numerous red flags point to 3605239052 being a deceptive robocall masquerading as a police charity:

Nonexistent Organization: The call falsely claims affiliation with the “Police Coalition of America,” an entity that does not actually exist.

Ambiguous Message: The call lacks clarity regarding the charity’s name, purpose, or a direct solicitation for donations.

Brief Duration: With a mere 11-second duration, the call fails to provide substantial and legitimate information.

High Volume of Reports: Over 140 reports indicate widespread recognition of this scam call.

Spoofed Caller ID: The 360 area code does not accurately denote the call’s origin.

Untraceable Number: Attempts to call back or trace the number prove unsuccessful.

Perils Associated with 3605239052 Robocall Scam

Although this robocall might appear innocuous initially, engaging with the scam poses significant risks:

Financial Loss: Donating to the fake charity merely enriches the scammers; no funds contribute to legitimate police-related causes.

Personal Information Theft: Responding to the calls may expose you to scammers attempting to collect your personal and financial details, posing a threat to identity theft.

Increased Robocalls: Active responses to robocalls can flag your number as responsive, potentially leading to an influx of additional spam calls in the future. Stay vigilant to avoid falling victim to these risks.

Managing 3605239052 Robocall

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a call from 360-523-9052, the most prudent course of action is to promptly hang up. Avoid pressing any buttons or engaging with the robocall.

Take the following steps to shield yourself from this police charity scam:

  1. Block the number 360-523-9052 to prevent further calls.
  2. Report the robocall to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by filing a complaint.
  3. Inform friends and family about the deceitful police coalition robocall scam to raise awareness.
  4. Enlist in the National Do Not Call Registry to minimize unwanted calls.
  5. Leverage call-blocking apps and phone features designed to identify and block illegal robocalls, fortifying your defenses against such scams. Stay vigilant in safeguarding yourself and others from potential threats.


The number 3605239052 is currently associated with a fraudulent police charity robocall scam. The deceptive message seeks donations for the fictitious Police Coalition of America PAC. Exercise caution with unsolicited calls soliciting funds and refrain from sharing personal information. The most effective defense against illegal robocall scams is to promptly hang up, ensuring your protection from potential threats. Stay vigilant and prioritize your cybersecurity in the face of such deceptive practices.

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