6 best Content Marketing tools in 2021

6 best Content Marketing tools in 2021

B2B lead generation is the backbone of any company. Your business is profitable only when you are generating leads, so getting some promising leads should be your main focal point.

A lead is just one step off from becoming a customer. In order to generate more leads, you have to deliver some benefit and ascertain that your firm will take care of their problems and concerns.

B2B lead generation methods comprise numerous channels and tricks from driving traffic to the website to convincing them to take effort toward conversion. This expects several types of tools at each phase of the lead generation funnel. Also, different companies have different needs for which they need different types of lead generation tools.

These tools can assist you with satisfying every type of content marketing needs, from email automation, segmenting, to keyword search thus considerably more.

Here listed are the best B2B lead generation tools, you need at different stages of the content marketing and lead generation funnel:


Hubspot is a trustworthy tool and an extraordinary blog to follow if you are hoping to find out about everything to do with content marketing. So, they are centered around inbound marketing, so they’re amazing for small scale companies, specifically, to assist them with building a strong content marketing procedure. This is an extraordinary tool to help including content curation to streamlining, just as social planning and email automation frameworks.


Soleadify is an automated B2B lead generation tool that generates an expected sales funnel by continually bringing leads into your sales pipeline. Soleadify encourages you to find targeted lists of businesses for your personalized outreach with its advanced filters for different sections like Type of Business, Location, Technologies used or unused, SEO factors, etc. It truly takes just 60 seconds to search, discover, and download your targeted list of business leads.


Grammarly has changed the writing pattern of numerous bloggers. In addition to the fact that it is an extremely good spell check, however, you can also set how you might want your content to sound, and it makes suggestions appropriately. For all you creatives out there that may battle now and again on sentence structure, spelling, tone, and so on, use the Grammarly tool for best SEO results.


Yoast is the most popular tool to utilize with regards to concentrating on the SEO of the content. As we presently use WordPress for our blog, the Yoast module fits in comfortably. It mentions to you what needs to improve to guarantee that your content ranks as high as could be expected under the circumstances. Yoast permits you to improve your content dependent on the keyword that you need to focus on for your content. You would then be able to edit your meta-descriptions, URL slug, and perform unmistakable SEO work on the basis of your content.

Mail Chimp

Even after so long, MailChimp stays strong in the whole market as one of the most user-friendly, flexible, and moderate ways to automate email. The advanced version enables you to track opt-ins for segmenting purpose and also connect Instagram and Facebook advertisements. They likewise offer several types of email templates, can show you how to automate your emails for channeling them, and provide options for both nurturing and re-engagement.

MailChimp helps you to obtain a personalization alongside A/B testing and other necessary tools at a sensible cost. Also, the best part is that since it’s in the market for such a long time, there are many individuals that are familiar with its usage.


Marketo is an extraordinary tool for big business systems. This firm has a strong history of lead management so this will, in general, be the center focal point of their tool also. You can utilize this easy to use cloud-based for lead management and nurture. You can target and pull the correct leads. These folks offer a free trial at the start so you can test it out to check whether it’s ideal for you.

Almighty Press

Almighty Press is extraordinary in that they really have the capacity of recognizing and following pre-viral content so you can gather data about trending points and keywords as you construct your content base. They can likewise assist you with making editorial and social schedules.

The key with the almighty press is that they are connected with different media sources the world over, so you can get updated data on relevant points and write blogs of your own rapidly enough to stay aware of same-day patterns.

Buzz Sumo

BuzzSumo allows you to effortlessly obtain the trending topics and content in your respective sector and also what your opponent is doing. You can look for trending subjects, keywords and it also allows you to collect shareable content plans which will benefit your audience. It gives a complete guide of social analytics features and content indication on popular issues. It also empowers you to efficiently search for different influencers whom you can follow and engage within your field.

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