6 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

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Slimming Down Effectively For a Healthy Life

We have all seen them, late at night when we are at our lowest point, wishing things could be different. You know what we are talking about. They are infomercials. And many of them tout the latest and greatest weight loss formulas to give you the body you have desired for years. And along with that, they carry a price tag that requires you to sign up for online installment loans to pay for it.


The problem with most weight loss is the misinformation campaign that a lot of brands use to push their own products. Diet pills, supplements, and even some food promotions are designed to make you think they work when in fact they can damage your body’s fat-burning chemistry. So, why do people still use these if they are a sham?

The Real Skinny on Weight Loss

The truth is there are many reasons why you can’t lose weight. And misinformation is one of them. Let us give you some better examples of weight loss journey tips that help people on a large scale, not just in tiny focus groups:

1.Recognize Your Individuality

We are all different, and so we need weight loss help based on our unique metabolism, lifestyle, and chemistry. Doing what celebrities do because it works for them, or following what you see in the gym might work for you, but it also might not. Your best course is to have a nutritionist evaluate you and see what makes your system tick.

2.Patience is a Virtue

There are no quick solutions. If you look for tips on how to lose weight fast in two weeks, it’d be likely something unhealthy or dangerous. You must steel your resolve and let the process work in its time. If you want to be sexy for beach season, get started in mid-winter. If you want to lose some unwanted pounds to fit in your wedding dress, give it six months. Help the process, but be patient. You will get the result if you do the work.

3.Check Your Consumption

This is one of the weight loss tips that work and are incredibly obvious. It isn’t always what you eat, but how much. But for this tip, it’s about two variables: quality and quantity. As far as quality goes, cutting items with high preservatives in the ingredients and lots of saturated fat is a good first step. Know what you eat and how it affects your body chemistry and metabolism. If it isn’t helpful, cut it. For instance, iceberg lettuce is tasty, but it has no nutritional value. Spring mix salad, on the other hand, is a quality roughage for improved digestion.

4.Limit The Cocktails

For those seeking weight loss over 40, this one is significant. Your body is more likely to get overweight at this age. Most alcoholic beverages, even as liquids, have a lot of calories. Beer is essentially liquid bread. And alcohol metabolized as sugar which messes with body chemistry in a really big way. Plus, bar food is tasty but super fatty. So, avoid drinking too much as it causes the desire to overeat, too.

5.The Lifestyle Choice

The best way to enjoy weight loss without dieting is to make the diet part of your life. It sounds counterintuitive or even like a trick of the brain. In fact, it is, but human’s brain is a fantastic tool for reprogramming your mindset on food consumption. Eventually, you will see weight loss in many areas you didn’t expect and it will almost come as a surprise. During weight loss, the stomach area and face shape change more than most other parts of your body. But more changes are coming. You might see thinner thighs, or even feel your internal organs have more room. And it will be as if you did nothing at all.


We said exercises were not necessary to address your weight loss goals, and it is true. But if you want to make an impact a little faster, some High-intensity interval training will definitely help. HIIT uses a double-pronged path. First, cardio burns calories and improves cardiovascular health. Second, strength training helps you to burn fat. The combination is a one-two punch that will get the weight off, give you a healthier lifestyle, and show you a physique that will make you feel better.


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All the weight loss tips that work won’t help if you don’t set goals and keep your mind focused on those goals. A resolve to see it through is the best way to achieve victory over those extra pounds you wish to shed. And one great idea to help is to find a buddy to do it with you. It is a proven fact that support systems keep people motivated to reach the finish line. Have you used any weight loss tips that helped you become healthier?

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