Age-Related Foot Pain: 6 Common Causes

Foot pain is common in the elderly because of the usual wear and tear on the joints and the weakening of the bones. Thinner, less elastic skin is a common problem for the elderly, especially in the feet.

The discomfort in their feet, however, is generally avoidable. Causes of elderly foot pain are listed below.

Unsuitable Footwear

Older people generally choose shoes with better grip and arch support over those that are more stylish but less functional. The shoes your elderly loved one is wearing may look functional, but that doesn’t imply they’re comfortable.

The ideal shoes for the elderly are those with sturdy yet flexible soles, which offer adequate arch support and midfoot mobility. Your loved one can talk to a podiatrist about getting fitted for a pair of custom orthotic shoes if it becomes too difficult for them to find a suitable pair of shoes on their own.

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 Arthritis left Untreated

In order to restrict and control foot pain, it may be necessary to learn how to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. In the event that your loved one is experiencing joint inflammation; they should avoid wearing constricting shoes and standing for extended periods of time.

In addition, he or she should see a doctor to rule out any underlying infections. Ankle and foot arthritis is a common symptom of an undetected infection elsewhere in the body.

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Feet with thinner, less elastic skin are more likely to develop unpleasant blisters and rashes. Shoes for the elderly should be well ventilated to avoid condensation, and they should be lined with materials that wick away perspiration. The risk of blisters, fungus, and general foot irritation is reduced when these shoes are worn.

Spinal Misalignment

One of the most common reasons for foot pain in the elderly is poor spinal alignment. Your loved one should see a chiropractor to rule out the possibility of one area of the body compensating for pain in another. Chiropractors provide a variety of complementary and alternative treatments to improve mobility, health, and wellness.

A skilled caregiver can make it possible for your elderly loved one to exercise at home in safety and comfort, thereby bolstering the latter’s posture and sense of balance.

Families thinking about senior care should ensure their elderly loved ones have access to the tools they require to live independently and in good health. Seniors can benefit from having trusted in-home care workers help them with activities like cooking, bathing, exercising, and promoting healthy lifestyle habits.

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Ingrown Nails & Fungal Nail Infections

Your loved one should wear shoes with good ventilation to keep their feet dry, and you should remind them to trim their toenails on a regular basis.

When your toenails are soft, such right after a warm bath, you can easily cut them straight across. Your loved one should see a doctor immediately if he or she has any of the symptoms of a fungal nail infection, including soft, peeling, or discoloured toenails.

Crevice Breaks

A stress fracture in an elderly person’s foot could result in pain when standing or walking due to the natural weakening of bones that occurs with age.

A walking boot, cast, or crutches may be required in addition to resting the foot while a stress fracture heals. Bone-strengthening calcium and vitamin D, regular exercise, and balance training activities can all help older persons reduce their risk of stress fractures.

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