Drew Brees to Contemplate Retirement after the Playoff Expulsion

Drew Brees

After overcoming a painful and threatening shoulder injury that could have cost a career, Drew Brees has become one of the most productive quarterback players in the N.F.L. history. He has probably played the last game of his career on Sunday, in which his team, the Saints, lost against Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 30-20. This one was a divisional round playoff game conducted in New Orleans.

Drew Brees’s Say on Leaving the Game

On his side, Brees has refused to discuss his further plans in public. Also, he has mentioned that the result of the game, which will have been played on Sunday, has got to do nothing with his plans to leave or continue the game.

What did Drew Brees say has been a question which is making rounds all over? Here is a small gist in which Drew mentioned that he would be answering the question once and for all. But before that, he wants to take some time to think about whether or not he can give himself another opportunity. Also, he needs to think over many other things related game and then surely make a wise decision about it like last year.

Being 42, Brees is left with a year out of the $50 million contract’s two-year extension, which has signed in the March of last year. Also, he is making sure to approach the status season-by-season. However, in April, he chose to join NBC Sports as a football specialist, creating reports that the 2020 season will be his last one.

In a recent interview, Brees mentioned that he had learned many things about himself while playing this game for years. Also, there are many instances and situations that one is supposed to fight through when playing the game. He added that he has to fight through a lot more than he had ever expected this season. Physical damages due to injuries to the COVID-19 related things and much more crazy stuff have happened with him in this long time. However, he has made sure that every moment of the days spent is worthy.

Brees suffered from around 11 fractured ribs and a bruised lung but recovered properly and made his way back to the Saints’ three final regular-season games. He has helped win two out of three games, which made the team grab the No. 2 positions in the N.F.C. tournament. So rather than announcing his retirement with a second title to further boost his reputation, Brees came up with a startling end by tossing three interceptions on Sunday, which included both the fourth-quarter possession of Saints.

Throughout his 20 N.F.L. seasons, Brees has set several victory records, along with most career passing yards and completions. He has also won the Super Bowl appearance with New Orleans, which he has ever attended during the 2009 season. Brees’s rank is second in the overall percentage. The passing yards per matches and touchdown passes, in that group, he is only behind Tom Brady, who delivered two on Sunday to eliminate the Saints team.

During the second round of selection by Chargers in 2001 at Purdue, Brees made a Pro Bowl in San Diego. However, he was rejected in preference of Philip Rivers. During the final games of 2005, Brees got his right shoulder displaced and ripped off his labrum and rotator cuff. It is an injury that is so serious that he worried if he would ever compete again.

In the off-season, only two teams approached Brees, which were Miami and New Orleans. They had a record of 3-13 in the year 2005 after being ousted by Hurricane Katrina. Unaffected by both the organization’s uncertain state and the state of the city, Brees preferred to revamp his career in New Orleans, where he teamed up with new coach Sean Payton.

Both Brees and Sean added credibility to the franchise and offered new hope for a shattered area. During his first term, Brees guided the Saints, who’d already made the playoffs at least 5 times in 39 seasons, to the N.F.C. championship. In the next 4th season, he directed the team Saints to the Super Bowl, defeating three quarterbacks of Hall of Fame – Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, and Peyton Manning.

To all those who wondered did Drew Brees retire or no, well, to date, he has not mentioned much about his retirement plans. Hope that there will be some news out about it soon!

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