COVID-19 Health Code: 6 Beneficial Ways You Can Help Contain the Pandemic

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Now that several countries are enforcing a more relaxed or reduced quarantine measure, the risks of acquiring further COVID-19 cases are expected. 

That’s why those that are combatting the pandemic on the front line are asking people from all over the world to cooperate through considering necessary health protocols. 

Thus, if you’re one of the thousands or millions of people who will be forced to return to work or school in the pandemic’s unceasing spread, you’re encouraged to scroll through this article.

On these pages, you’ll about to read the primary health codes, which you need to put in great priority most especially in this dire situation. 

Read and help yourself figure out the least potential ways you can do to support the containment of the coronavirus disease.

Health code #1: Boost and maintain a strong immune system

People with a weak or poor immune system are those that are likely to be infected by the coronavirus disease. Such people are required to follow the right Covid treatment as soon as any symptom appears. 

With that, you’re advised to boost and/or retain a strong immune system not only to protect yourself but as well as your loved ones from catching the disease. 

To skyrocket and maintain a strong immunity, start including a healthy and proper diet, regular exercise, and 7-8 hours of sleep as part of your daily routine. 

A healthy and proper diet means including more fruits, veggies, and other nutrient-dense foods in your meals. 

As you boost your immune system with regular exercise, always see to it that you’ll have at least a 30-minute or an hour of daily physical activity. A regular exercise won’t only help strengthen your immune system but will also enhance your heart and lungs’ health. 

Another thing that you must take into account to develop your immune system amidst this pandemic is getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Having enough hours of sleep will help recharge your mind and body as well as improve your immune system. 

Health code #2: Disinfect objects or surfaces you often touch

Since the virus can also be obtained through having physical contact with objects and/or surfaces with small droplets coming from cough or sneeze of an infected person, it’s now advised to disinfect or sanitise objects or surfaces you often touch. 

These objects and/or surfaces include your phone and other gadgets, keys, keyboards, light switches, tables, chairs, doorknobs, and more. 

If you can’t resist going out due to various necessary matters, you’re encouraged to avoid touching surfaces and/or objects where viruses and other microorganisms might be seated or found. 

Health code #3: Leave for essential errands only

On the other hand, if your company will still be imposing the contingency plan such as working from home, then you must keep in mind to leave for essential errands or matters only.

Essential errands or personal matters may validate your act of leaving home only if you’ll be going out to buy grocery stocks, tend to bank appointments, or you’re a front liner. 

Remember, a reduced lockdown or quarantine measures don’t justify the global safety against the COVID-19 crisis most especially that vaccines are still yet to be available. 

Health code #4: Make washing hands a habit

The most mentioned health protocol by the health officials as well as the frontliners is to make washing hands with soap and clean water as a habit. 

Touching surfaces and/or objects [that might have small droplets of an infected person’s cough or sneeze] with your hands may lead to bigger possibilities of having physical contact with germs and viruses. 

That’s why you’re advised to wash your hands properly with soap and clean water especially if you’ve been out in public places or have touched objects and/or surfaces. 

Also, see to it that your hands are always clean before touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth to avoid such germs and viruses from infecting you and the people around you. 

Health code #5: Observe physical and social distancing

With the implementation of reduced quarantine orders, people are expected to go back to their traditional workplace and students to attend their traditional classes. 

Regardless of these possibilities, people are still asked to never break the rules of physical and social distancing. 

This is still in great hope to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease behind the anticipation of more people going out. 

Health code #6: Wear a face mask or a face shield

The last health code on this list, which you must not neglect to follow is wearing a face mask or a face shield. 

Wearing either a face mask or a face shield is highly suggested if you’re not feeling well, have colds, cough or sneeze.  

These essential pieces of protective gears are now also required to be worn especially if you’re going out in public or crowded places. 

The bottom line: 

With the fact that reducing the lockdown or quarantine measures amidst the search for the COVID-19 vaccines is now on the grounds of many countries, frontliners seem to hold tighter on their seats.

That’s why this article handed down the simplest ways you can do to support the containment of the pandemic. 

If you think that the stated key points are helpful, don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. 

And if you wish to add more helpful tips with our readers, you better not think twice dropping them down in the comment section below. 


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